Islam in Kerala Muslim Community Special features

  Kerala  state  is located in the south-west region of India on the western Ghat. Total Population is nearly 3.5 Crores. Kerala has many special features and appreciable things than other states of India.It is bordered by Karnataka to the north and north east, Tamil Nadu to the east and south, and Arab Sea to the west. Thiruvananthapuram is the state capital among the 14 districts; other major cities include Kochi and Kozhikode.(Calicut)

Some Special Features of Kerala among Indian States.(In India there are approx 28 states)

1. It is among most literate state in India. Rather it achieved 100 % literacy decade ago.Where as National Average in India is 74.04% in 2011. (Rough estimate)
2. Electricity and Water has reached to almost all household. And Road network is among best in India.
3. Although it is subjective perception but almost all of my friends are of the view that Kerala people are very humble, Honest and down to earth. 
4.Kerala people honesty is remarkable as corruption and dishonesty is very debated topic in India, and all section of society are very much worried about it.
5.. This Honesty has brought many good things for kerala and it is not a coincidence that in Health services, Security,  Human Development Index (HDI) and on many other parameters it is at top among Indian states.

 Muslims in Kerala.

1. Muslims comprise nearly 25% of total population.  North kerala/Malabar (District calicut,kannur,kasargod,wayanad and Mallapuram have more concentration of Muslim than south kerala.

2.Islam reached kerala even before in north India.It is reported that Some Shaba Karam came to Kerala and are buried here also at places like Kollam beach near Quilandi town in Calicut district. 

3. Cheraman Juma Masjid
is a mosque in Methala, Kodungallur Taluk Trissur District.  The Cheraman Masjid is said to be first mosque in India, built in 629 AD by Malik lbn Dinar Rahmatullah Alaihi.
According to Popular Historic event
4.The Chera ruler King Cheraman Perumal witnessed Prophet Mirracle SHAQQUL QAMAR (Splitting of Moon)   and learned on inquiry that this was a symbol of the coming of a Messenger . Soon after, Perumal traveled to Makkah, where he embraced Islam and accepted the name Thajudeen.
5. On his way back to India he died at Salalah in the Sultanate of Oman. On his deathbed he is said to have authorised some of his Arab companions to go back to his kingdom to spread Islam. 

6.Accordingly, a group of Arabs led by Malik Bin Deenar and Malik bin Habib arrived in north Kerala and constructed a Masjid at Kodungalloor. 

7.As the construction of masjid was sponsored by the King Cheraman, it was named the Cheraman Juma Masjid. The mosque is still present and now has been renovated.

3. In Kerala Morning Madarsa system is very strong and almost all children go to Madarsa in the Morning hours before going to School by 10 clock.  This is a very good system and example to be followed for muslims of other places.

(To be continued.........Insha Allah)