Sahal Tstari and Abdullah Ibne Mubarak Talk on Sadaqah

A Sahabi Radhiallaho anho has said that he was once in the company of Rasulullah Sallallaho alaihe wasallam,
who recited Surah Takaathur and said, "Man claims to have his property. O man! You own nothing except that
which you use in eating, the clothes that you wear out and the Sadaqah that you send ahead to be preserved in
Allah Ta’ala’s treasury." Several Sahabah Radhiallaho anhum have narrated to the same effect. People deposit
money in Banks most carefully, with no surety of it’s remaining with them.
Even if a calamity does not fall on it in their lifetime, none of it will be any use to them after death; but the wealth
deposited in the treasury of Allah Ta’ala will always be available for use without any fear of calamity, decay or
decrease; in fact it will never finish.
Sahl Ibne Abdullah Tusturi Rahmatullah alaihe used to spend liberally in the path of Allah Ta’ala. His mother and
brothers complained to Abdullah Ibne Mubarak Rahmathullah alaihe that Sahl wanted to spend everything and they
feared he would become a pauper. Abdullah Ibne Mubarak Rahmatullah alaihe enquired from Sahl Rahmatullah
alaihe about the matter.
The latter asked Abdullah Ibne Mubarak, "If a person wanted to migrate from Madinah to the city of Rustaqq in
Persia, where he had already purchased land, would he leave anything behind in Madinah?" The reply was that
nothing would be left behind. Sahl Rahmathullah alaihe then said that was his real purpose. While the people
thought he was going to migrate to another place, he had actually meant transfer to the next world. In these days,
people have personal experience (of it) that when people who wish to move permanently from one country to
another (e.g. India to Pakistan or vice versa) by their own choice, they try to transfer all their belongings and
property, buildings, etc., by exchanging with those at the new locations, before actual migration.
Until this arrangement is completed they do not move, despite all inconvenience at the old place. On the other
hand, the people who are forced to move out of their homeland, leaving everything behind, undergo endless grief
and sufferings. This is exactly the state of affairs of every single person leaving this world. As long as he is living, he
has the power to transfer his property and belongings, etc., to the next world (Akhirah), but when death causes a
forced change of place, everything has to be left behind, as if it had been confiscated by the state. There is still time
for those who understand the truth to transfer their property to the next world.