Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi Lecture on Dawat o Tabligh and Loss with neglect

The following is a English translation of an urdu lecture delivered by Graet Islamic Scholar Faisal Award Winner Hadrath Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Miyan Nadvi Rahimullah in 1961 on the importance of Dawah work.He is warning about catastrophe If we leave the work of dawat o Tabligh.
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Translation starts here:
My friends! This life is perishable, EVERYTHING of this life is perishable! One’s wealth is perishable, honour is perishable, rule is perishable. Let the rulers listen! – That this reign of theirs will come to an end! Let the wealthy listen that their wealth is going to ditch them! Let the healthy amongst you listen that their health will pull a fast one on them!

That thing that will FINALLY remain will be the name of Allah!

And the efforts put forth in the path of Allah!

And the sacrifice given for the sake of the Deen of Allah!

And the striving and the struggle [for the sake of Deen]!

This time is very precious, this time is very very precious that is passing now. And if you take take time off from your work and businesses and inculcate the work of tabligh and guidance first and foremost in your lives and for that you put in efforts, then Allah barik ta’la in its reward will grant you this country in this world and in the hereafter will grant you… PARADISE!
And if you don’t do like this, then REMEMBER that you won’t be able to live in this country!
I’m not saying all this in the guise of a ruler or a politician but in a light of all that, that Allah Subhanahu wa ta’la has granted the Muslims. I’m saying you in that light that your living in this country will become difficult IF you don’t work for Deen with steadfastness.
And when such efforts are secured then your businesses and factories will be safe, remember, the instruments for safety are only…
For the Muslims in ANY country, the instruments of safety are only that they strive and struggle for the sake of Deen and make the Deen so strong, that for that country’s inhabitants, Allah himself takes the responsibility of their safety and Allah himself will take the responsibility of their assistance and then there are no problems whatsoever.
Here in this country, Burma, since some days that we are staying in – Here the most intelligent work to do, the most important, foremost work to do and also the need of the hour is to put in efforts for the sake of Deen, the governmental work here is this.
The biggest politics of this place is this.
The wisest thing to do here in this place is this.
And this work here is the work which will profit you the most.
That in this country, decide that for 10 years…for 10 years or 20 years here you have to spread Islam and protect the beliefs and faith of the Muslims and then if this becomes a buddhist state…..Burma, then think how much more your responsibilities will grow.
Till now its a secular state but Allah forbid if it becomes a buddhist state, then if you don’t take care for the Deen yourselves and don’t make intentions and determinations for the sake of keeping intact your faith and for that… don’t strive and struggle…
Then there’ll be nobody who will come for your help.
And there’ll be no direction from where help for you will be forthcoming.
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