Disaster Catastrophe Clamities Reaction by a Muslim Daee

A Daee Muslim reaction on calamities and suffering of Mankind .

Once a Natural catastrophe had taken place in one of the so called super power countries of the world where Majority population has forgot their creator sustain er, the Almighty Allah and are not on the Allah accepted religion Islam. (May Allah give them Hidayah, and make them successful in this world and life hereafter the eternal life.)
Some people were discussing this in a light manner in front of Haji Bhai Abdul Wahaab Saab Hifzullah of Raiwind Markaz Pakistan .
(Who is among elder of Markaz popularly called as Bhai Sb and Haji sb in love)

Haji Sb became very angry told them 3 points...
1.Is not a matter to talk lightly or laugh about. 
(It is a matter of sorrow and cry on two accounts 1.We should be passinate for suffering of all mankind.Even Non Muslims are our brother by blood as we all are son and daughter of Adam.Prophet cried at the death of a Jew.2.We should be worried about Hidayat for all mankind)
2.We as Ummatis of Nabi SallAllahu alaihi wasallam should be crying that yaa Allah ! This is because of OUR weakness , we muslims didn’t fulfill our responsibility of showing them the straight path connecting to their Lord and because of this they have carried out such actions that deserves your wrath ,
3. Yaa Allah forgive us for this , alleviate their sufferings and grant them Hidayath.”