Oneness of God Logical and Philosphical Arguement for truthseeker

An Argument
Quran, which is the speech of Allah, has
challenged the world: “If you doubt that Quran is not the
true revelation of the God, then try writing even a small
chapter which can parallel its Grace. You can summon
the entire world to help you in the task”

For the past 1400 years, many human beings,
Science and Computers have challenged and were
defeated. None could prove that Quran is not Allah’s
Book. In this holy book, God has shared many
arguments and examples so that the human mind can
grasp the truth. For example, “Had there been many
masters on Earth and Sky then chaos would have been
let loose on Earth.” It’s quite clear; if there were many
masters then it would have led to arguments and
infighting amongst them. One would have commanded
for night while the other for day, one for 6 months a year
other for 3 months a year, one for Sun rising in the East
while other in the West. If there were other deities
working with the Supreme lord as partners then it may
happen that while they have blessed people for Rains,
the Supreme God wants famine. Essentially it will lead to
chaos and disaster.
From the book  (Your own Legacy, passed on to you page no 6)
By Maulana Mohammed Kaleem Siddiqui Hifzullah