The Biggest Truth of the world Your legacy in your hand

The Biggest Truth of world
The biggest truth of the world, rather universe is
that the creator and the preserver of the world and entire
universe is one and only one God. He is the only one of
his type. There is no partner of Him in creating,
preserving and destroying the world. He is everywhere;
He listens to everyone and sees everything. Not even a
single leaf can flutter without his command. Every
human being, irrespective of his religious background,
even if he is an idol worshipper will agree to the fact that
there is only one God.
If a person contemplates logically then he can
easily conclude that there can be only one Lord. For
example, if any institution has two heads then there will
always be quarrel between them and the institution cant
function then. If there cannot be two kings of the same
kingdom then how can there be more than one master of
the world?

From the book  (Your own Legacy, passed on to you page no 5)
By Maulana Mohammed KaleemSiddiqui