Request to Muslim brothers and Tablighi Jamaat Workers by Muslims

Below is a humble request to Salafis *  after seeing ground reality and Extensive Search of evidence for their claim.

1.It is quite clear on internet that Some Salafi*/Groups (All are not alike and alleging) alleges that Tablighi Jamaat is spreading shirk. Tablighi Jamaat is people of Grave worshipper etc...........

2.So our request is that if you know any person who has gone in Tablighi Jamaat and has started doing shirk,or any bidat or rituals leading to shirk.please write Name and Address and detail of these persons in comment. or at 

3.After much search we could not find anyone. So if they are telling/ making this claim that means they must have information about such person . So please inform us .JAZAKALLH O KHAIR

May Allah give Muslims Taufeeq to think about Akhirah and save us from the tough questioning on the day of judgement for our words claims and actions unfounded criticism of Fellow Muslims and making baseless allegations.
5.Requesting for Dua.

Maulana Ibraheem Dewla (HA)
(Elder of Basti Hazrat Nizamuddin R.A.New Delhi ,India)
(Translated pages from urdu book Dawat aur uske inaamaat)
Maulana Advices Facts and Requests on……
“The blessed work of Dawat o Tabligh must remain in on its  correct Path”
Maulana Words starts …….
“It is collective responsibity of all the Ulema of Muslim Ummah to preserve this great work of Dawat o Tabligh in its original and correct form in the light of Quran o Hadith as adopted by the Great Akabireen (Scholar) of Ummah.”
Maulana Mentions Following Point about great effort of Dawat o Tabligh to be preserved.
1.              The great effort of Dawat o Tabligh has always been done under direct supervision and control of the Pious and knowledgeable Ulema.
2.              The Blessed work of Dawat o Tabligh is always being done primarily with intention of own correction and Islah.
3.              The Basic ambit of the work of Dawat o Tabligh has been to inculcate in life the six chosen qualities of Sahaba Karam.
4.              In this Great Movement of Dawah o Tabligh always has been appreciation admiration and respect for all other  of Deen and all people of capabilities.
5.              This work of Dawat o Tabligh has been free from criticizing others, or competing or negating others.
6.              There is no high claims and Exaggeration (Dawe and Gulu) in the work rather middle and inclusive attitude has been.
7.              The work has been free from Groupism, Secterianism and Taassub.
8.              Through the work of Dawah always emphasis has been on establishment of Islamic Society.
9.              The Preservation of the Manhaj of Dawah has always been by the Taqwa piety of the workers (Daee’s).
10.       In the work of Dawah always the collective conscience of Ummah has been preferred over any individual Opinions.

حضرت مولانا محمد الیاس کاندھلوی رحمہ اللہ تعالیٰ نے فرمایا:۔
جن لوگوں کے حقوق خدمت تم پر ہیں اور جن کی اطاعت کرنا تمہارے لیے ضروری ہے ان کی خدمت و راحت کا انتظام کر کے اور ان کو مطمئن کر کے اس کام میں نکلو اور اپنا رویہ ایسا رکھو کہ تمہارے علم و صلاح کے ذوق میں ترقی دیکھ کر تمہارے سرپرست اس مشغلہ میں تمہارے لگنے سے نہ صرف یہ کہ مطمئن ہوں بلکہ خواہاں اور راغب ہوں‘‘۔

A kind Request for those who are doing the effort of Dawat o Tabligh.
Alah has done blessing on you that You have connection with the blessed effort of Dawat-o-Tabligh. You are doing the basic, crucial important ground work of bringing people towards the way of Almighty.You have understood the effort of Dawah, it is not your ability but Allah blessing only. You are treasure and asset of Ummah. Your energy and time is very precious. So devout Your time in Dawah Work as being instructed by elders and be careful that qualities are coming in your life. Concentrate Dawah work among common mass.This is from Manhaj of Beloved prophet Muhammad sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam. 

2. 95% of Great Ulema /Scholars all over the world including Arab world are supporting Tabligh work.Although they are working in service of Islam in different fields e.g Madarsa etc so they may not always have active Participation.

3. Some Ulema Scholars may have some misunderstanding, Your work and character should convince them. This method was successfully used by Maulana Ilyas Rahimullah. He not only convinced Rather He even took active work from those who were initially even against the effort. Some Scholars may be pointing the mistakes of workers. Don’t take it as opposition. Rather it should be listened carefully and should be corrected.

4. Don’t be discouraged with baseless allegations by some ......................Groups/ persons on You Tube/Face book/Internet. Do Sabr ,Do dua for them and leave the matter to Allah. Don’t waste your time in it
5.Answers to their Points are on the internet although not at one Place. Some of these answers have been collected on this blog.Alhamdulillah there are scholars who individually have now taken the issue of dealing these baseless allegations. Do dua that they should reply with humbleness, with knowledge, without abusing /disgracing anyone and in scholary Manner. 

6.Ifanyone ask you any question/Ashkal/objection about the effort of Tabligh, You should give only one answer,.......... Request him to go in the path of Allah in Jamaat.Tell him this is only option to understand the work. If still question is remaining give him address of Bangle Wali Masjid, Markaz Nizamuddin New Delh India and ask him to write letter/to meet them.
7.Some / organisation /You tube/face book/TV scholars  will try to confuse  you on the name of Aqeedah.They will approach you and will do mischieves and will try to keep you away from the work of Dawah. They are working for their group and nothing to do with Islam or Aqeedah of Islam. They simply has come to confuse you . They ......................... ask  some  terminologies and try to confuse you....... .........We also got trapped in it .........We were knowing the fact but not terminologies so they confused us and created .............doubts against work of Tableegh.......... So please be clear that
Islamic Aqeedah is very simple and clear without any confusion 

and well described in Quran and Ahadith and has been well explained by Imams muhaddethin of Salafus Salehin.You should have Aqeedah Knowledge. 
You can read this book for Aqeedah knowledge in Islam.
This book contains full Aqeedatut Tahawi with translation that is original text and source book of Islamic Aqeedah. It has some advices from Scholars so that you could face any fitnah on the name of Aqeedah.

7.If anyone bring issue related with Fiqh e.g Position of Hand in Prayer etc.These issue are not under scope/Jurisdiction of Tablighi Jamaat. Don’t argue with them. Refer him to a Pious Aalim or any Madarsa in your country etc. You can also give him mail ID He may get help from us.

8. Increase the amount of Dua specially at night.Elders are telling that we are severly lagging in this area. It is very important area for any Daee/caller to Allah. Allah taala specially commanded the greatest Daee, Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam. He used to be in Night Prayer regularly.Dont forget us also in Dua.JAZAKALLAH

1. Please dont generalise the word Salafi here to all those who are identified as Salafis. There are many good brothers among Salafis also. 

2.Not Only I personally know Many Salafi Brothers not only supporting Rather actively working in the effort of Dawat o Tabligh. Many among Arab Scholars and student of Knowledge are active Tabligh worker. 

3. For me it is even more special .....Intrestingly the first person who introduced me with the blessed work of Dawat o Tableegh during my student life was a Salafi........... 

4.So here  meaning of Salafi is only those  on internet  who have following Habbit  ......accusing all Muslims other than their group as deviated.......Declaring following a mazhab as shirk.....making baseless allegation against Dawat o Tableegh............Presenting made up lies to buttress their allegation......etc.........

this image has been made thanks to some firebrand video/TV speakers and their innocent follower who are not able to recognise their falsehood and cheating and unfortunely they have become Flag bearers /public face of all those who claim to be Salafi/recognized as Slafi............

These type of so called salafi is mostly from Indian subcontinent. They have spoiled the image of salafi dawah.(India pakistan Bangladesh)

5.4. So Below question is for Only those specific type of Salafi brothers who make allegations and is not generalised to all salafis . 

(This is time for introspection for True Salafis and Salafi Dawah to recognise and correct these elements to save the ummah from doing groupism/verbal fighting against each other.
I dont consider those with little knowledge and flithy tongue as Salafi even if they claim so)