The Condition of General Muslim Mass and Society that I saw (Eye Opener Personal Narratives)

These are my personal first hand narrative just that I saw
The Eye Opener Personal Narrative

. It is for alerting all of us.
This is also the way of one of the Sahaba.Normally Sahaba used to ask about good people, Hazrat Huzaifa Raziallahu Anhu used to ask from prophet about bad people/things/Fitnas so he could remain alert and could save himself and others)

(Obviously it cannot be generalised for all places but it gives an indicator about what is going on among Muslim Ummah)

1. In Jamaat In the remote Hilly village of south Indian state met A migrant muslim labourer from West Bengal approx 35 years. We requested to come to Masjid . It was post Asar Jamaat time After finishing tea with him I requested him to offer Asar prayer.
He went for Wazu ......He was not  knowing How to do Wazu Properly like.......... full hand with elbow has to be washed .......Proper method of Masah.

I didnt tell anything I requested him to see my wazu if any mistake plz point out ........

Finally Alhamdulillah he prayed Asar Prayer and made intention for being puctual in Namaz.

Our Jamaat was to return before Maghrib so we Parted away.


2. One old man (ignorant with modern mobile) was observing that a Muslim boy of (17-18 years) is busy with his advanced mobile surfing internet .

The old man asked me :  DO THEY SEE CINEMA ON MOBILE?
(In India among older people cinema word is common than Movies)

I replied:  
 It is more than Cinema ..........Film/cinema has at least a censorship..... but internet has no censorship.............

(This was not about the boy We dont know what he was seeing. )

But the thing is we have to be very carefull about our youth. They are at juction If we will not give them deen they will accept something else. Please be serious Start with yourself and Family ..........