Tablighi Jamaat Mistakes and Advices Bangla Urdu English Tamil

Deficiency is in itself part of human nature.
1.Doing no mistakes is inherent Quality of Angels only. Human being in general is a combination of Mistakes and Fault. Allah has made All Prophets as Masoom They can’t do mistakes and has announced that Sahaba are Magfoor (There mistakes has been Pardoned and Allah is Razee with them)
The work of Dawah and Tabligh is the work of whole Muslim Ummah. Quran says to help each other on the matter of   Neki and Taqwa. Maulana Ilyas  has said that work is like A WASHERMAN PLATFORM ALL TYPE OF DIRTY CLOTH COME HERE.

 2.The correction of Muslims and of Tablighi Jamaat is a collective Responsibility of all Ulemas and Scholars and general Muslims of Ummat. It is not a blame game.

3.It is right and duty of specialized people like Ulema , Suleha and Scholars to make correction if something wrong is going on. But approach should be for correction and not criticism and the best way is to draw attention of Markaz Nizamuddin Delhi.

On internet a trend is that on the name of correction and advice some of the so called Muslim Groups and Scholars present an exaggerated (false) side of the picture in condemnation of other Scholars /Fellow Muslims. It is neither fair nor Islamically acceptable.

Tablighi Jamaat has become a soft target of Such People. As everyone knows that they will not do a counter reply so they tell whatever they want.

1. One article in the form of book I read recently on face book in which a person from India who is not an Aalim /Scholar has given advices to Tablighi Jamaat on Aqeedah Issues.Many brothers liked it and offered to translate it in Bangla Urdu and Tamil etc. He has actually cheated Muslims giving title as Aqeedah and showing himself as innocent Person.

 2.On the name of Advice He has criticized  with false allegations, malicious interpretations and many other gimmicks. He may become successful in cheating on face book as 95% of people on face book have very little knowledge about Islam. He might get likes and favourable comments but Ultimately truth will be revealed. May be in this world otherwise for sure in life after death.

The article against Tabligh on the name of Advices clearly indicates that the writer does not know Islamic Aqeedah at all. The writer  is not even knowing required Arabic to read any classical book of Aqeedah like Aqeedatut Tahawi  or Lamatul Aitaqad. He has made Aqeedah a philisphical topic. Whereas Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat view is that Aqeedah has to be read and Understood only from Quranic Ayats and Ahadith only .We have to be on the Aqeedah on which our beloved prophet was there. This is the position of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat and Tablighi Jamaat is a movement of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat clearly following the same.

1. He is same  person/set of persons who 10 years back in 2003 came against Tabligh with Titles like critical Analysis, Deviation and  mistakes etc
Now with same false allegation and cooked points they have come up on the name of Advices.

2. They have changed their methods of attacking /maligning Tablighi Jamaat. These are well known people who have a separate line of thinking and views from Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat.

May Allah save from False propaganda and cheating. Only he can save and can give strength.