Muslim Unity a Live example in Tablighi Jamaat Khurooj

My own experience tells me that the most Muslim unity I have found practically is in jamaat. 
(It has come as forwarded message. Being published with some edition. We highly acknowledge with Jazakallah o   kHAIR for the unknown brother who wrote it. May Allah give him best reward)

(These are my personal thoughts.)

I have had Muslims of all Hanafi, Shafai, Hanbali, Maliki, Arab, non Arab, Punjabi, Sindhi, Baloch, Hyderabadi, Bangali, Malaysian, Bosnian, Muslims of all colors, sizes and shapes, I have had many Muslims from diverse backgrounds as colleagues in my jamaats - not a single issue was ever raised. 

There was never any single issue, why? We never discuss peripheral issues, I never asked them why they do Raf Al Yadain and they never asked me why I dont say ameen out loud. We know both are sunnah of our beloved Prophet ﷺ 

we go to visit other Muslims brothers and get them to come to the masjid and take part in the service of deen. As for the people we go to visit we dont care who they are or how they look or what background they come from, it is totally irrelevant to us.
I have had some very pious colleagues on jamaat and some very............ type of people, I have no doubt that my personality presented some big challenges to others also, but the differences didnt matter. 

My fellow jamaati's have been from all walks of life and all types, some who were habitual in ..............., some who had disgusting habits in eating, some who slept through taleem, 

We just accept people how they are.

 We have some principles we teach each other like , dont discuss Peripheral issue,current affiars, dont ask from others, dont use peoples things without asking their permission etc. 

We have these usool, principles, in place to avoid conflict but as far as the differences in each other we overlook all of those for the greater good - the service of deen. We got along great and are still friends today. We still share stories, "O man remember we went to that masjid and the lights went out and blah blah...." 

This is the amali, practical demonstration of Muslim unity and not the conference seminars on Muslim unity.
 Although I highly appreciate if someone organise a seminar on Muslim Unity as it is much needed for Ummah.