Tablighi jamaat ka belag Jaeza Book Urdu by sheikh Abu Bakar Al jazaeri

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Shaikh Abu Bakar Jabir Al Jazairi:

Who was Renowed Scholar and Ustad at Masjid e Nabwi Madeena Munawwara, (Fazilatus Sheikh Abdullah Ibne Baaz R.A has mentioned him in his letters with much respect,) has written a book in Arabic which has been translated in urdu but unfortunately not in English. 

Shaikh Jazairi Urdu Book on TABLIGHI JAMAAT can be downloaded from this link


Also Available on this website 

Titled “Tablighi Jamaat ka Belag Jaeza” (“An Unbiased study of Tablighi Jamaat”.published by Al Markazul Arabi Lilkitab,U.A.E.)

His view about Jamaa’at ut-Tableegh are as follows
"Indeed, Jamaa’at ut-Tableegh - by Allaah - you will not find a jamaa’ah in the Islaamic world better than them in terms of spreading the Islaamic da’wah and rectification of individuals. Thus, I call you to retract from your opinions which have regretfully come from some students of knowledge, and that you encourage the brothers to perform khurooj with this jamaa’ah, for there is not to be found the likes of it this day in the Islaamic world. 

I say: This is upon knowledge and insight, Allaah knows this, and salaam."

About his book on Tablighi Jammat:

He has first described the Basis and methodology of the work of Tabligh and then discuss the doubts/allegations against it.

He has discussed almost every points/doubts that salafi brothers bring against Tabligh.Starting from Aqeedah to Knowledge,Manhaj .

He extensively travelled outside the Arab World and in Africa and Europe got first hand information about the effort of Tablighi Jamaat and finally wrote the book.

The shaikhs starts his book with these words
 Now a Days a frequent topic of debate is Tablighi Jamaat .And people depending on their thought and comprehension either praise them or criticize them.

That’s why I am writing this book so that matter could be cleared and myself become free from responsibility of clearing the truth and keeping informed.

 And after all everything will be presented to Allah Almighty.

         In the Indian Capital Delhi this movement started. With the will,help and blessing of Allah Tabark o Taala the credit of intiating this movement went to Sheikh Muhammad Ilyas Bin Muhammad Ismaeel Kandhalwi Rahimullah.
May Allah pardon him and all of us and may have mercy on him and all of us.
Circumstances that led for the start of Tablighi Jamaat Movement
All the work which is done after serious thought and consideration must have some compelling state of affairs.
          And that was ,Majority of Muslim world was under the grip of Ignorance, corruption in beliefs and worship, Anarchy, firmness on disobedience of Allah was very prevalent.
         Disease of heart was prevalent, Although the situation was more or less same even in Islamic countries but in India situation was still worst. In some parts of India (e.g Mewat) Muslims due to sheer ignorance and Ghaflat were returning to Idol worship.
        In this difficult situation Tablighi Jamaat came into existence and its purpose was that to whom Allah has willed should be turned from Ignorance to Islam. The common mass remoteness and detachment from Islam has to be ended, so that they could learn deen, follow it, and become successful in this world and life hereafter.
As without learning deen e Islam and following it outwardly and inwardly there is no success, no salvation, no absolution.

The Methodology of Tablighi Jamaat for bringing people back to deen
As it is Rule that who so ever try to save a drowning person then it is necessary for him that he should apply special planning and measures to save the person from being drowned.
           Before describing the method of Tablighi Jamaat it is proper to look into the prevailing situation of the Islamic world and Muslim community in general.
         And from east to west, north to south all over the world the grim situation is almost same. Among Muslim community the evil ranging from
·       Unislamic Rituals and Grave worship was rampant
·       leaving of Faraiz (Obligatory prayer) and Sunnah was common
·       abundance of sin and unlawful activities,
·       Fisq o Fujoor,
·       Fashion of ignorance is rampant.
The talk of Islamic life and Sunnah was a far idea and who was to care about it, even five times obligatory Prayer were being missed. The will of Nafs (self ego) and Iblees was prevalent.They were not careful for even Faraez o Wajibat.
           If you would have entered in a mosque you would find only some old people. Then where were the rest of the Muslims of locality? They were busy in markets, Hotels, clubs, or at max a temporal engagement.People were not even ready to listen about deen..

It was his ikhlas and lillahyat that once he realised the truth he declared it and didnot care for any group mentality, he didnot cared other than Allah Pleasure and Benefit of deen of Allah.
It is the way of Sahaba and the salfussalehi and their pious followers
May Allah give all of us this Taufeeq.