Hafiz Dhahabi and Ibne Hazam Zahiri on weak Hadith Zaeef Hadith

Fuqahaa and Muhaditheen

 a) Hafiz Dhahabi R A has written with regards to Imaam Awzaai R A that he used to take evidence from maqthooaat and the maraaseel of the people of Shaam. ('Seeyar A'alaamun nublaa' vol7 pI 14)

b) Hafiz ibni Munduh R A has written regarding Imaam Abu Dawood R A that he would narrate dhaeef ahaadeeth if nothing else could be found because according to him, a dhaeef hadeeth is stronger then the opinions of men. ('Tadreebur raawie')


 Abu Muhammed "ibnul Hazam Thaahirie R A whose strictness is famous, in 'Muhalaa' (vol3 p61) has quoted the hadeeth of Hasan bin Ali R A regarding reciting Qunoot before ruku. He then writes "Even though this hadeeth is not worthy of citing as proof because I have not found any other hadeeth of Nabi sallallahu alaihi wasallam  in this matter, I prefer it."

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