What is Hasan Hadith Criteria and Definition Ruling Permissible authenticity Saheeh

A hasan hadeeth has the same conditions as Sahih Hadith that is except the comprehensive ability of the narrator might be dhaeefer then that of a sahee hadeeth. 

The criteria for authentic Sahih Hadith
1) A continuous unbroken chain to Rasulullaah sallallahu alaihi wasallam

 2) The narrator must be trustworthy.

 3) The comprehensive ability of the narrator is faultless.

 4) The hadeeth is free from irregularities.

 5) The hadeeth is free from any deficiencies. That is why a hasan hadeeth is not regarded as sahee nor is it regarded as dhaeef.

There is a form of hasan hadeeth which is actually a dhaeef hadeeth that has increased in strength due to it being narrated via many different chains.

 Those ahaadeeth which are dhaeef are categorized as dhaeef, this has varying levels, the lowest of which is maudhoo-fabricated.

There is no difference In Opinion regarding the permissibility of citing 'a sahee or hasan hadeeth as proof. This can be used as proof in any aspect of Deen.