FAZAIL E AMAAL Author Shikhul Hadeeth (R.A).  Clarification is in itself, About these stories  
He has written the word of caution in following sentences in hikayat Sahaba. 
Like these real stories there are not thousands rather Lakhs of real stories of Aulia Allah.But these stories are not only impossible to follow these days Rather no one should try also. As physique and stamina is already weak now a days.That why the sheikhs and people working for attaing the quality of Ihsan do not give permission for these hardship.These people were blessed by Allah by special stamina also”.
But it is important to have the desire and intention to do mujahida and followind the real life examples this will bring down our gaze.This will curtail our luxury and desire to have more and more and will cause some balance and midway corresponding to todays life. (FAZAIL E AMAAL PAGE NO ……).
He again emphasizes.
“I have written already and again emphasizing that while doing Ibadat/Riyazat/and Mujahida the consideration of own necessities,looking into the situation and Care for family ,relatives and dependent are very important. They should always be kept in consideration.(Fazail Amaal par Aitarazat ke jawab by Maulana zakaria Rahmatullahi Alaihi page no 35)

In Some stories misunderstanding is there.
In good number of stories there is misunderstanding between reader understanding and actual story.
I am quoting one letter from the book entitled FAZAIL AMAAL PAR AETARAZAT(ALLEGATION) AND THEIR REPLY* written by Maulana zakaria (the author of fazail e amaal) himself.

One person sent a letter to Maulana Zakaria to clarify an story in fazaile E Ramzan on page no 39 about Imam Shafai (R.A) tha he used to complete Quran Pak 60 times in day and night prayers.People are objecting that how can a person complete 60 Quran e Pak in 24 hours.
Zakaria Rahmatullah Alaihi replied (page 55)
“I received your letter.There is misunderstanding in it.Actullay there used to be 2 quran completions daily (and total for full ramzan was 60). When I queted this story at that time I enquired from my friends about their schedule of recitation in Ramzan, then many people reported 60 to 65 quran e Pak in ramzan.Among those my beloved Maulana Inamul Hasan was also there.And the routine of my father in his childhood after completing HIFZ he used to read one Quran e Pak daily for 6 month”   Mohammad Zakaria Afi Anhu 17 Ramzan 1378 Hijri.
*Maulana zakaria has written a book titled Criticism on the books of Fazail and its Reply. This book is collection of 62 letters concerning Fazail E Amaal and its reply by author Shaikh zakaria (R.A).He has replied all the answers in a scholary manner and has cleared the concerns of the questioner. He has given Refrences where reference was sought. It is like a FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION about Fazail E Amaal.Any one who wants to cricize Fazaile E Amal must read this book before starting criticism.Only then he can do justice with criticism.It is in urdu.