Discussion on Allegation No. 1 that There are stories in Fazail Amaal about Aulia Allah that show too much Ibadat/hardship that looks impossible.
 While dealing with virtues of Aaamal under various topics the author of Fazail E Amaal after quoting related Ayats and Topic Related Ahadith, and its explanation,he has also narrated the related Stories of the Sahabah and the pious muslims of the past (Aulia Allah).
In Fazail e Amaal there are Aulia Allah stories,that are of Established Aulia of Past like Imam Hasan Basri, Abdul Qadir Jeelani,Great Imams like Imam Bukhari,Imam Muslim,Imam Shafaee Imam Tirmidhi,Malik bin deenar, Ibraheem bin audhamR.A. etc..... from Refrenced Books of History and not from anyone memory.They are not more than 2% of total content of Fazail e Amaal.

Why it has been written????????????????????????? 

1. They present live Example Allah Pak in in Holy Quranhas said stories previous nations/ Individual as in ........Surah Yaseen  and story of two gardener.....story of brothers in orchard.....and has ......said AHSANAL QASASA............ Prophet used to tell stories of Bani Israeel like famous Hadith of Bukhari three person in cave.....It is only to give lesson /keep our desire for the world at modest level and for rememberance of Akhairah. 

2. The author has clarified in Fazail e Amaal that stories of Aulia Allah is of Historical importance and not indicate/derive any rule of Shariah and Aqeeda.So those who are deriving Aqeedah from stories and misprojecting/ making propaganda on Fazail e Amaal/Tablighi jamaat/ Hanafi Fiqh should be ready to face with their answer for the day of judgement as it will come both in huququllah and huququlibad. 
This misunderstanding is because  of not understanding correct islamic perspective of Karamat e Aulia and Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat view over it. Similar stories has been reported by Imam Syuti, Imam Ibne Taimmiya Rahimullah ajmaeen and others also So Sheikh zakaria is not an Isolated example. Rather he has simply reproduced it with reference from the older books.These stories are not even 5 % of total content of the Fazail e Amaal.  

Another point is no one is telling to believe these stories compulsorily may read/ believe or may not.......THESE ARE NOT QURAN AND HADITH..........THESE ARE SIMPLY STORIES ......NO ONE IS MAKING ANY SHARAEE RULING AQEEDAH OUT OF IT .....
1.  It is unanimous approach for all muslim scholars that Amaal/Action of Buzur gane deen (AULIA ALLAH) is not a legal point in the matter of any Islamic ruling/Aqeedah/Masael.

To make a ruling only prophet action will be regarde/or of Sahaba according to standard procedure for this effect.

Author of Fazail e Amaal has clarified it rather has adviced not to copy, He has said that it is only to keep our Gaze/Vision of Materialistic world at modest level.

1.   As it has been said that Fazail e Amaal is a book intended to encourage muslims to be a practicing muslim. 

  It also intend to show the pleasure and taste a muslim will have if he will follow the commands of Allah and way of prophet sallallahu Alaihi wasallam. 

   He should understand that  life after death is for ever and getting Jannat should be the ultimate aim for a muslim.So for encouragement living example always has a role. 

 Obviously prophet example is best but obviously Siddiqeen Shuda and Saliheen also have a role in encouragement.
2.   The following narration decribes that although it is not compulsorily the rule but can be found in the life of Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam also.

   Hadhrat 'Auf (Radhiyallaho anho) narrates:"I was once with the Prophet (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam). He brushed his teeth with a Miswak, performed his Wudhu and stood up for Salaat. I also availed of the opportunity to join him. He recited surah 'Baqarah' in his first rakaat; he would pray for mercy when he recited any verse extolling the Grace of Allah, and would supplicate for Divine forgiveness when reciting any verse referring to His wrath. He took as much time in Ruku' and Sajdah each as he had taken in Qiyaam. In Ruku' he recited:'Glory to Allah the Lord of Majesty, sovereignty and magnificence. 'He recited the next three successive Soorahs in the remaining three rakaats, and each rakaat was of about the same length as the first one." Hadhrat Huzaifah (Radhiyallaho anho) has also narrated a similar story about his Salaat with the Prophet (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam.)
3.   These stories in Fazail E Amaal are not more than 5 % of the total content of the book.
4.   These are not stories from the authers rememberance (Except few about  his contemporaries) but from the books on the related topics and he has given the name of books in the reference.
5.    The piousness of most of these Aulia Allah is undoubtful and trustworthy,like Imam Hasan Basri, Malik bin Deenar, Bahlol,Ibraheem bin Adham,Son of Haroon Rasaheed,four great Imams,Stories of Imam Bukhari and other Muhaddithin for exceptional memorizing power,the routine of Imam Shafai of reciting Qurane e pak in Ramzan.(Rahmmatullah Alaihi Ajmaeen.etc.

In Fazail e Amaal it is written about Imam Shafaee that he used to complete two quran pak daily in Ramazan month.......Just visit state of kerala even Normal muslims who has not read fazail e Amaal will tell this it impossible brother please make yourself correct..........Probably you have not seen good people at all..........I personally know one Retired professor from Aligarh Muslim University who completes daily one quran in ramazan.........I know many people in my family who read 10-15 Juz daily in ramazan...........NOW WHAT YOU SAY.......WHAEN IMAM SHAFAEE WAS AN HAFIZ ALSO......................


7.   As our era has become fully materialistic so our mind is not ready to accept any hardship for deen/life after death easily but every one gets chance to see from his own eyes, observe and understand it if he has any vision by the grace of Allah.I am quoting some example.
Eg.1. In my close relatives itself there are people who complete Quran pak upto 10 times in Ramzan. My father in law himself complete 6-7 times ……………..But the other side of story ……….for myself I did not remember when I completed more than one time (Apart from one in Taraweeh)
Eg2. My wife always Offer 6 Rikats Nafil after Magrib,and full 17 Rikats of Isha Prayer…………..But the other side of story………….I donot remember when I performed full 17 Rikats.