Etiquette and Adab of Du'a

Etiquette I Adab of Du'a

1.Du'as are not accepted if earnings are haram/unislamic. Quran says: o you who believe! Eat from the halal that we provided you. (2:172)

2.Du'as are not accepted if you eat haram food, dress is haram and is nourished from haram.(Bukhari, Muslim)

3. Du'as are not accepted if you hurry Allah's response. (Bukhan).

4. Do not be resolute in making Du'a. (Bukhan).
5. Wherever possible, face Qibla. (Bukhari, Muslim).

6. Recite Du'a in a moderate tone.

7. Be humble and imploring to Allah.

8. Repeat Du'a 3 times.

9. Must be clean and preferably with wudu before Du'a. (Muslim)

10. Perform a good deed before making Du'a especially at the time of difficulty. (Bukhari).

11. Try to perform Salatul Hajah before Du'a.

12. Sit in posture of Qaida (like in Salat) before Du'a.

13. Raise both hands up before face with palms open during Du'a. (Bukhan).

14. Do not gaze towards the sky.

15. Do not make deliberately singing & creating rhymes in Du'as. (Bukhari)

16. Begin every Du'a praising Allah, send Salat & Salam to Rasul and end prayer with Durud & praise of Allah.

17. Include repentance in Du' a.

18. Plead yourself guilty of your sins before Du'a.

19. Must be sincere in what you ask for.

20. Be sincere with conviction that Du'a will be accepted.

21. Hope for acceptance of Du'a but donot expect immediate results.

22. Du'a should be from bottom of your heart with full concentration.

23. Be attentive to Allah while making Du'a. (Bukhari).

24. Plead to Allah with utmost humility during Du'a. Quean says: Invoke your Lord with humility & in secret. (7:55).

25. Make Du' a through the attributes of different beautiful names of Allah. (7:180)

26. Make Du'a, which Rasul made for particular time.(MASNOON DUA)

27. Start Du'a for yourself, then your parents & then for the entire Umma.

28. Imam should include all of his muqtadees in Du'a,

30. Do not make conditions with Allah in Du'a. (Bukhari).