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The Social Life/Mu’aasharat of Islaam is Unique 

Islaamic Mu'aasharat has no parallel. There is absolutely no need for Muslims to emulate the conduct of others. Mu'aasharat should not be confused with pompous styles and the possession of material goods of pride and show. Takabbur (pride) and pomp destroy the roots of Mu’aasharat. The proud man desires to be the superior of others. He will, therefore, not deal with others sympathetically and justly. The Islaamic teaching of Mu’aasharat , in contrast, inculcates humility in man. Without humility sympathy and unity are not possible. These are, in actual fact, the foundations of Mu’aasharat. True Mu’aasharat is in fact only Islaam.

Consider for example, the Islaamic conduct pertaining to eating and drinking. Rasoolullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam demonstrated this conduct both verbally and practically. Thus, he said: "I eat as a slave eats."

It was the noble character of Rasoolullah Sallallahu alayhi wasallam to eat sitting in a humble position with his body bent. He would eat quickly with relish. In contrast, we eat in great pomp and style. There is not a sign of humility on us when we eat. This type of proud conduct is the consequence of the reality (of life) being hidden from us. When the reality becomes revealed to a person and he realises that whatever we are eating is from the Court of the King of kings ( Ah'kamnul Haakimeen) and He is observing our every act, then automatically the humble manner of Rasoolullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam will be adopted.

When the greatness of a being is rooted in the heart, then all stages will be traversed with ease. The fact is that we lack the ability to realise that Allah Ta'aala is watching us. He observes our every act. Now when Islaam possesses its code of Mu'aasharat in a state of perfection, then what freed is there for Muslims to look askance to aliens? Honour, self-respect and our claim of the superiority of our Deen demand that even if our Mu'aasharat was imperfect (on assumption), then too, we should not direct our gaze at alien cultures. Our old and tattered blanket is better than die borrowed shawl of another.