SOCIAL LIFE An Integral Part of the Deen e Islam

Mu'aasharat -- An Integral Part of the Deen It should now be realised that Mu'aasharat is an inseparable part of the Deen. A perfect Muslim will, therefore, be one who adopts all the branches of the Deen. In all aspects he has to behave like a Muslim. There has to be no resemblance with the Kuffaar.
People have generally understood Mu'aamalaat and Mu'aasharat to be beyond the scope of the Deen. It is indeed surprising that a person regards his dealings and his social conduct beyond the confines of Divine Law, but at the same time he acknowledges that his dealings and social conduct are governed by the laws of worldly governments. No one ever ventured to tell the state authorities that the government has no right in our private business enterprises, etc. People readily submit to governmental laws and restrictions applicable to their trade and commerce, etc.