Advice for Tablighi Jamaat and Dawah Workers in general

1. The Tablighi Jamaat is a Jamaat of Haqq which propagates the true teachings of Islam. So it is advised and encouraged people to join the Jamaat and participate in its activities.

2. Many Muslims throughout the world write to us about the Tablighi Jamaat. People who sincerely wish for self-reformation and Deeni guidance it is good for them to link up with the Tablighi Jamaat.

3.Join the Jamaat with the sole intention of islaah (self-reformation) and acquiring Deeni Ta'leem (instruction) in the basics of the Deen such as the Sunnat way of Wudhu, Salaat, etc.

4. Do not enter the Jamaat/go in the path of Allah with the understanding that you will be reforming others. Shaitaan will then deceive you. You will become swollen with pride, arrogance and a holier than thou attitude. Instead of acquiring self- reformation, you will then perpetually dwell in self-deception. If Allah Ta'ala wishes to extract service from any person, He will draw that person into the service of the Ummah.

5. Consider yourself a spiritually diseased person entering a spiritual hospital.

6. Do not regard with scorn those who do not join the Tablighi Jamaat and those who do not sit in your bayaan.  When such an attitude develops in you, immediately arrest your nafs and caution it.

6. Adopt absolute humility. Think of yourself as a spiritually diseased person. Be concerned with your own islaah (reformation).

7. When you, the layman, has been appointed to give a talk, talk with humility and always within six qualities and Under the knowledge that you know definitely

8. When you have to speak in a bayaan then understand that you are the most insignificant entity or speck in Allah's creation. Convince yourself that you are most unworthy of standing and speaking to a group of people and that you are doing so only because of instructions from your elders and superiors.

8. Neither make stupid and un-Islamic statements, nor entertain stupid thoughts such as: The methods of Tabligh of the Tablighi Jamaat are the only valid methods for this time. The Madaaris and the, Khaanqahs, have outlived their utility. Such thoughts are evil whisperings of shaitaan who is ever diligent in his scheme of deflecting the people of Haqq
All work is complimentary to each other. All are taking care of Fort of Islam collectively. 

Requesting for dua Jazakallah.