Maulana Inamul Hasan Advice to departing and incoming Tablighi Jamaat

It was a regular feature in the times of shaikh maulana inamul hasan (rahmatullah alaih) and before him Shaikh Maulana Muhammad yusuf rahmatullah alaih, that normally between 11 AM and 12 noon, he would welcome the incoming jamaat, describe the demands, principles and etiquettes of the work to the outgoing jamaat and then bid them farewell after dua and musafa (handshake). During those sittings the gathering could listen to some very important and beneficial talks in brief sentences. A few sayings will now be quoted:

1.Allah (swt) likes a life full of deeds for his servants. If the deeds are animated in us, and we are governed by them, we shall become of those favoured by Him. He is not pleased with property, wealth and money, rather with good deeds. Once He is pleased we will be successful in this world and in the hereafter.

4.There are four things, if we bring them in our life, pursuit of deen will become easy for us. They are taleem, tableegh,offering salah with congregation with the first takbir, and, Joula. Nowadays our practical life is broken.

2. Ignorance of Allah's commandments impair us Not Allah. Neither He benefited if we perform deeds throughout our lives nor He is at a loss if we disobey throughout our lives. It is ones own benefit and loss.

3.Allah has sent everyone to this world for a short while. If he (any person) tracks down the path to Hell, that will be his destination.

4.If he moves on the path leading to Paradise, that will be his destination.

5.Religiousness does not mean the performance of one or two deeds only, rather following the deen all through the life and spending the entire life in compliance of Allah's commandments.

6.Jaula, tableegh, taleem, three chilla etc are meant only to keep the path of deeds open for us, so that we may follow the commandments of Allah in our lives. Jaula and khurooj etc are not complete deen rather one of the means of its acquisition.

7.Keep yourself busy in the four things mentioned, and protect yourselves from useless things. The love for the good deeds is proportionate to the avoidance of useless talks and deeds.

8. The real life is that of the hereafter while the present life is meant for its building up. The status in the eyes of Allah depends upon the efforts for it in this life.

9.The life of this world is not meant for games, gambol and negligence, but rather for the preparation, concern and accumulation of the needs for there hereafter. For this purpose, we have to go out in the path of Allah,practice good deeds and get accustomed to them.

10.After coming back from khurooj, we must also continue the good deeds for there hereafter along with our daily lives, businessess and other engagements.

(insight into dawah and its understanding & cognition)

May Allah help us all to act upon the Quran and sunnah and follow the advices of our ulema past and present, who advise us through the quran and sunnah. May he accept the humble efforts of us all. Ameen. taken with thanks and dua.