Colonel Ameeruddin sb Journey from England to India

A journey from England to India

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Once a jamath was going to England. Colonel Amiruddin sahab was amir of jamath and they were total of four. They went to embassy in India they got visa to England. But that time they need to take permit from all countries in between. When they asked about that in embassy they said, no problem we all are friends. Just in each country when they ask, you just say India and that country are friends they will leave u. They went to England saying every country is our friend.

Jamath went to England they did Tabligh Alhamdulilla and they were returning back. In one country they asked the permit and colonel sahab said “we are friends”. That officer said no we are not friends we are enemies. Then colonel sahab was astonished. The actual reason was while they were returning some two countries waged war on each other. And jamath was coming from enemy country so they were treated as enemies. The jamath was captured and put in prison.

The area was so cold and the snow was fallimg. Heaters in their prison were put off. The time for some namaz came and colonel sahab did wazu with cold water (military blood), but remaining 3 people did taimum. And colonel sahab was leading namaz. When he was reciting quran his voice was shivering and 10 min prayer was read for about half an hour. Since recitation of quran aloud was not possible because of cold and shivering.

Because of severe cold one of colleague of jamath fainted. Even the water there was so cold that it would still lead to illness. Colonel sahab ordered everyone to do zikr of Allah. And he sat near his face and started doing Zikr after sometime sweat was pouring through the faces and hands of people in jamath.(( those who really fear Allah and do Zikr its not a common thing for them )) . they touched the whole body of the fainted colleague with sweat so that his body may feel some warmth.

When this all was going on the soldier who was standing near the prison was seeing this but the jamath didn’t notice him. When colonel sahab saw him, he just shouted “jinns” and ran away from there leaving his machine gun there. Because its hard to believe a person getting sweat in that much cold. .(( those who really fear Allah and do Zikr its not a common thing for them ))

After some time the military came and they asked jamath to come out of prison. Everyone was fearing to come near them, some how they came and the jamath was taken away under the shadow of rifles. The rifles were kept pointing at the back and head of every person in jamath. Machine guns were pointed at them. They were taken to railway station. And they were forced into one train.

The people in jamath asked colonel sahab what to do next. He said pointing towards ******. if train goes that side then read kalima-e-Tauhid, because there is no guarantee that we will be alive. If the train goes towards **** we have some. Their faces changed colour when the train started moving towards ******. Colonel sahab said now my dear friends recite kalima, unless Allah(swt) show some miracle its hard for us to be alive. Since ****** was a communist country and the war was there between other Islamic country.

During journey train became slow at one station, colonel sahab saw through window some people were waving to him. He went near door, they shouted jumped down, jump down, jump down oh people of Allah, they were Africans and they too know what is going to happen infront. Colonel sahab called his colleagues and they all jumped down from moving train, leaving all their belongings in train. The people who called them were of jamath of Africa actually and they were also facing similar problem. From there they entered iran through ****. Since Hyderabad, India had good connections with Iran that time and even now.

When they went to embassy and asked for sending jamath to India back. The officer said ok but when he saw passport he rejected. Because on passport there was **** stamp. He said ur coming from our enemy country. Allah (swt) blessed them and a man came to embassy for his personal work. He came to colonel sahab and said what are doing here. Colonel sahab remembered him, since he used to go to that mans hotel in Hyderabad. (There are many Iranians in Hyderabad).

Colonel sahab said that because of some reasons we were enable to go to India. That man said I will help u and he spoke to officers and said that colonel sahab is a good man and friend of mine. And finally they were allowed to go back to India. Allah (swt) shows ways and help for those who strive in his path.

See friends how our elders faced hardship in spreading Islam, we should really learn lesson from their lifes and prepare ourselves for spreading islam facing any kind of hardship, inshallah.

May allah(swt) gives us ability to work forspreading islam.

(I heard this from colonel sahab some 2 years back, so I could have done some mistake in writing it, may Allah(swt) forgive me.)