Who severly scolded a jamaat in gasht later devoted whole life for deen ALLAHU AKBAR

I am so happy to read this thread. I have not meet karnal saab but my father had a life changing encounter which he remembers with much fondness and tears in his eyes.

I will relate it hear as a means of strengh to our imaan and an insight to what the Fiqr of Rasullullah Sallullahu Alaihi Wasallam does to a person whom is blessed with it.

Karnal Saabs jamaat came to his locality ( i will not mention the area, the reason will become clear below)

My father decided to join them and proceded for Umumee gush with them. They knocked on a certain door. The man who came out was filled with rage started chucking abuse and taunting the brothers. Karnal saab kept quiet and calm. the guy finished off by saying "now get out of my face". At the point Karnal saab with a warm smile said "My dear brother we do not want anything from you just a few minutes of your time". With this the guy let loose and struck Karnal saab with a blow to his head and karnal saab dropped to the ground. Now the other brothers who were with Karnal saab were no weaklings and could not tolerate this and grabbed the guy and were going to give him a taste of his own medicine and soon as they were about to land there first blow Karnal saab who was by no up shouted "stop". The brothers argued and struggled "let him go" insisted Karnal saab, "he has hit me and only I have the right to retaliate" Unwillingly the brothers let go as karnal saab came near and said "dear bother please forgive me, this is all my fault you may now go back inside. if you need anything we are in the mosque".

On the way back one of the brother asked him "why did you rebuke us we would have taught him a lesson and he was the one in the wrong".
His reply should be noted by all of us who claim love for Allah subuhanu watallah's deen and Rasullulah sallahu alaihi wa salam's example.

"My dear brother it is his favour upon us that he gave us the opportunity of being hit in Allah's path and fullfilling a sunnah of our respected elders who suffered for the sake of his deen, in realty we were not worthy of this bounty"

The jamaat as usual stayed in the localities masjid for three days and were due to depart after performing Jumaah salaat. After Jumaah as you would expect quiet a few people turned out to see the jamaat off. During the last hidayat talk before the jamaat prepared to leave. with mixed feeling as to what is going to happen next they see the same guy come inside the jamaat khana. they had mixed feelings as they did not know what his intent was. did he want another round or did he have a change of heart? As he approached the jamaat he eyes set on Karnal saab tears swelled he could not hold up his head upright any longer and came closer dropping his pace until he was directly opposite Karnals saabs and placed his sunken head on Karnals saabs lap and said:

"Mujee maaf khar doe" Please forgive me.

and continued I have not had a single second of peace of mind from the time I struck you. I can not eat, sleep or do i have any emotion in my heart for Allah sake please forgive me" by now every one is in tears and karnal saab grabs him and consols him saying "I had forgiven you from that very same time that day" "Allah wants to bring you closer to him that is why he has made you go through this other wise people do far worse things and Allah Subuhanahu does not check them for there is far worse in-store for them in the hereafter, Allah wants to bring you nearer to him".

May Allah instill in us the love of those who are near to him and Rasullullah sallallahu alaihi wasalam.

Here is the reason why I cannot mention the locality in which this took place, as the same brother is now amongst the elders there and has devoted his whole life to the cause of spreading the Deen of Allah and his Rasul sallallahu alaihi wasalam.


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