Dawah and knowledge case of Tablighi Jamaat


1.Dawah in principle is a duty of all muslims thats why we are selected nation

You are the best peoples ever raised up for mankind. You enjoin to good, and forbid evil, and you believe in Allah. (3:110) (Surah Ale Imran)

2. It emphasize that Dawat is formost important for Daee,specially when we are lagging in Emaan and Amal e saliha by ourselves. It always stresses  that Dawat is for the strenghthing of daee.Correction of others by giving dawah  is an accessory objective.

Dawah for not only for other but for himself/herself also.

And remind, for verily, he reminding profits the believers. (51:55).

3. content of dawah or preaching SHOULD BE 
within the limit of his/her knowledge.

Tablighi Jamaat call is simple that every muslim know 

They say 
Have faith on Allah ,He is the only doer,No one else has any power
Success is in the path of hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam and their is no other way to be followed.
 Reminder for Amaal e Sleha the formost is Slat. etc

For this any Muslim can remind himself and all other Muslims.

4.They always  STRESS  that the participants who are non alim/not an scholar

are to speak within 6 qualities,( IMAN,SALAT, ILM O ZIKR.IKRAM E MUSLIM,IKHLAS E NIYAT,DAWAT E ILLALLAH)  which they learn in ta'leem, and the 6-quality discussion. 

4. So the participants who are not Alim/Scholar are not speak of whatever they wish. If someone does like this it is fault on his part and Tabligh elders always prohibit it.

For MASAEL (Islamic ruling )THEY exhort people to refer to Ulama (to learn)

 MAY ALLAH HELP US IN understanding and practicing deen.