Dawah etiquettes How to use time in the path of Allah (In khuruj fi sabilillah)

(These are general guidelines and not obligatory rules.It can be altered depending on the situation)

Four Actions should be done More while being in Jamaat: (Also at home but hours will be less at home)


2.Taleem o Tallum (Teaching and learning)

3.Ibadat and Zikr

4. Khidmat (Service for others)

Each amal should be done  daily. It is good if it is done 3-4 hours daily. 

Sleep as needed (not good to be more than 6 hrs) 

2 hours on personal activities (Infaradi Amaal) such as Tasbihat, recitation of Quran, individual learning or teaching, rest.

Da'wah (4 hours):

Different Types ofDa'wah depending on time place and person 

1. Umumi General Da'wah;

2. Khususi/Special Da'wah

3. Ijtemai/Collective Da'wah;

4. Infaradi/Individual Da'wah

Types ofTaleem (teaching and learning)
1. Infiradi Individual Taleem;
2. Ijtemai collective Taleem
3. Masjid Taleem;
4. House Taleem

Zikr Ilbadat 
Our elders say that we should try to do daily zikr
1. Recitation of The Holy Quran 

2.Third Kalemah (Have greatness of Allah)

2. Durud (Salat on Beloved Prophet S.A.W.)

3. Istegfar;(Daily Istagfar is prophet sunnah) 

Khidmat (Service) 

Types ofKhidmat.

1. Self-service;

2. Jamat Khidmat.

3. People khidmat;

4. Whoever Needs Khidmat.

 Actions devouting Less time in Jamaat:

Sleep, Eat, Talk, Time outside Masjid.

Actions never to be done in Jamaat:

1.Asking anything with your talk,(Sowal from other than Allah by tongue ) Jamaat should never ask food/bed from locals. If they invite Amir will accept it on behalf of Jamaah.

Ask (ISHRAF) Sowal in the heart, Thinking that someone should invite for food for jamaat/Bring some eatables etc.

3.Waste (Asraf) Of anything i.e food,money etc

4.Dont Use things without owner's permission.

Actions Not to be done in Jamaat: 

1.Dont Discuss Politics, Sports,Elections,Current affiars. Every one will have on view on these affiars so will lead to discord. 

2.Dont Discuss defects of other Muslims, Will not solve any purpose. See defects in your self.

3. Dont Discuss different Imams,/Mazhabs and argument.

Actions Very Important for getting full benefit

1.Obey Amir,

2.Prefer collective over individual Amals,

3.Khidmat (cleaning) ofmasjid, 

3.Sabr and tahammul.