Spouse search etiquette Before Marriage and spouse manners after marriage

Spouse Etiquette
1. When marrying, choose a pious partner.

2. The marriage is not valid unless both people agree to get married and are not forced into it.

3. The couple should love one another and never be cruel or mean to each other.

4. Allah says husbands and wives are a comfort for each other and try to be most kind to one another. Husbands must not be tyrants, but rather a just and kind ruler of the house.
Similarly, wives should not be stubborn and insensitive to her husband unless it is a violation of Allah's law.

5. Husband and wife should respect each other, consult one another, and they should not let the Satan come between them.
The Satan is happiest when he has divided husband and wife.

6. They should give each other their rights and help each other to do good.
They should take proper responsibility for their families and children in providing for them, loving them, and bringing them up Islamically.

7. They should trust each other and depend on Allah. Believing men and women will each get their full rewards from Allah and Allah values both of them.

8. When they have problems they should try to achieve peace through understanding and kindness.