Haji Abdul Wahab Sb direct desciple of Maulana Ilyas

Haji Abdul Wahab sahib is one of the 10 members of the Shura that was appointed by Hadrathji Enamul Hasan (May Allah Enlighten his grave with light), he is also the Amir of Pakistan for the effort.

He has seen the lifetime of 3 Hadrathji's (May Allah Enlighten their graves with light), and therefore a direct companion of hadrath Moulana Iliyas (May Allah Enlighten his grave with light).

His career in the effort started when he was a student in college and would love cricket and running (a quality of speed walking that he kept throughout his life) and would love to eat Paan (a leaf and a nut mixture enjoyed in South Asia). The guy at the Paan shop encouraged him to go to listen to the Thursday night talk at a markaz.

In his own words he stated that they would talk about heaven and hell in college but the reality did not dawn or sink in, when he went to a talk by hadrath Moulana Iliyas (May Allah Enlighten his grave with light) and he said, 'Jannath hei' (Paradise exists) the impact was overwhelming and from then on forth he had absolute certainty that it was a reality and this was always reflected.

He has travelled extensionly around the world and in a highly intellectual individual. During one of his talk to a number of a small group of us, two individuals were translating what he said at the same time in English and Arabic; if either one was to make a mistake he would slap them!

Once whilst making a talk in Madrasa Soulatia (Makkah) there was 100s who attending and during tea break people went and bought biscuits from a vendor outside and had them with their tea. He read the ingredient in the package and stated that a particular substance in the packet is availalble in Animal and vegetable format and if it is in Animal then it could be Haram and therefore everybody is consuming Haram and all their ibadahaah would be void!