khuruj in Tablighi jamaat special advice to seek Ilm zikr and suhbate ahlullah

Maulana Ilyas
 used to council the groups going in the way of Allah for tabligh to sit and learn from the gatherings of elders with the intention of improving oneself, and never to mention their own work in their presence. If the elders asked anything of their own accord, well and good, otherwise they were to keep silent. He wrote to Shaykhul Hadith Maulana Zakarya rahamahullah 'alaih, "I have an old wish, that these groups benefit from the khanqahs, keeping to all the manners of khanqahs, and that the missionary work be done in particular timings in surrounding villages.
(Please) make a plan concerning this after council with the coming groups. This humble person is also overwhelmed with the wish to attend with some companions; I am also thinking of Deoband and Thana Bhawan."