Tablighi Jamaat importance of knowledge seeking and role in Dawah

Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ilyas had a keen concern

that if the `ulama did not overlook the preaching and this task was left to the common man alone, it would develop lots of flaws.

His wish was for the educated `ulama to take an interest in this task and use their God gifted talents for the propagation of this work.

Because most of his life Maulana had been associated to learning, he knew intimately the pursuits of the madaris, its teachers, and students.

He wanted them to join hands with this work of calling to God but he also wanted a way out that would help those of the madaris in their learning but not interfere with it.

He writes, "Deen can progress and develop according to the progress and development of learning, and under the progress and development of learning. It would be the greatest of losses if my movement caused any set back to learning. I do not mean by tabligh to prevent or hurt progress towards learning………"