Maulan Ilyas Barabankwi,Qari Dawood Maulana Mustaqeem sb elder of Nizamuddin

(This artricle has been taken from different sources with some editing. JAZAKALLHU KHAIR FOR ALL OF THEM AND REWARD IN AKHIRAH. We sincerly acknowledge them.)
There are many personalities who have sacrificed his life for the service of deen following the footstep of sahaba who did work till their last breath.

Qari Dawood Hifzullah- he was sathi of Moulana Iliyas (May Allah enlighten his grave with light) and Moulana Yusuf (May Allah enlighten his grave with light), he is over a 100 years old and still active in the effort.

Moulana Mustaqeem - A sathi of Moulana Yusuf (May Allah enlighten his grave with light), His talks are electrifying.

Moulana Iliyas Barabankvi - After the demise of Moulana Yusuf (May Allah enlighten his grave with light) he was given the task of referencing and footnotes for Hayatus Sahabah, a tremondous feat which he achieved. He teaches in Nizamuddin at the Banglawali masjid Madressa. People go to visit who they perceive as personalities of today in Banglawali Masjid, but they do not know of this man. Prior to leaving the Markaz, my companions want to meet moulana Laat or Moulana Ibrahim prior to leaving, I already took my leave with them and said I wanted to meet Moulana Iliyas. He was just stood there on with his working stick like he was a local, SubhanAllah; a great man walks amongst us like a peasant.

I must admit that I was blessed by Allah when I was at the Markaz for my stay there, many personalities dropped by and when you sit with them and ask them to give to advice just by the weight of the simple words they use you know there is something special.

Like the Amir of Bihar Famous Urdu Poet Professor Kaleem Ajiz Sb stated, 'This work is not from pen to pen (by distributing flyers, leaflets and text based lectures) but from soul to soul (The qurbani and mujahidah oozes) by sitting these peoples company.