Hamid Hussain Sb an Dawat o Tabligh elder

Hamid Hussain sahab

This old man is great. i was shocked when i heard about him. he for the first time went out in jamath in 1950's. since then alhamdulilla he didnt miss going in path of Allah 3 days a month and 40 days a year since then (leaving four months aside). and subhanallah he will also tell u where he went in a particular year. and if there werent anyone to come for three days he used to go alone and stay in masjid and call people to masjid in villages. And he has never missed weekly shab ijtema (the night of ijtema where people sleep in masjid itself), if he cant come to markaz he will sleep in the local colony markaz.

Alhamdulilla his nasiha will be great, got a chance to spend some days with him, his efforts are great mashallah, though many elders from all over india know him, yet he is not amir or anything though he is very old in tabligh than anyone else. His family members are also very practicing and they too dont leave any deed of going in path of Allah, subhanallah when his son goes in the path of Allah(every year 40 days) people request him to take their sons along with him. and his jamatth consists of only limited members, so we should do hurry or else we will miss the chance.

His son-in-law is just too much, since i know him very well i could say Allah(swt) just makes way for him to serve deen. i wont say much about him,