Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi about Maulana Yusuf the author of lives of Sahaba

Hadhrat Sheikh Muhammad Yusuf R.A succeeded his esteemed father (Hadhrat Sheikh Muhammad Ilyaaspml R.A) in assuming leadership of those
engaged in the effort of Da'wah.

He also followed his father's footsteps in his deep interest in the biographies of Rasulullaah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam and the Sahabah Raziallahu Anhu.

It was he who used to read these narratives to his father. Even after his fatherpassed away, he  continued studying biographies of Rasulullaah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam , books of
Islaamic history and the Sahabah
Raziallahu Anhu'despite his demanding commitments
to the effort of Da'wah.

I do not know of anyone with a wider scope of knowledge about the Sahabah Raziallahu Anhun and the finer details of their lives.

I do not know of anyone who could quote so many of their narratives, could cite them more eloquently and string them together as beautifully as pearls of a necklace.

These reports and stories inspired his discourses and caused magical affects on the hearts of large groups of people who then found it easy to give great sacrifices in Allaah Taala path.

They were thus motivated to persevere the greatest of hardships and difficulties in Allaah Jalla Jalalahu

During the period of his leadership, the effort of Da'wah spread throughout the Arabian peninsula and even to places such as America, Europe, Japan and the islands of the Indian Ocean.

The necessity was then felt to produce a book for
those taking up the effort of Da'wah and travelling to foreign countries could study and read to each other. This was needed to provide nourishment for their
hearts and minds, to motivate their spirituality and to encourage them to
emulate Rasulullaah
Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam and the Sahabah Raziallahu Anhu in spending their lives and wealth for the sake of Islaam.

It was needed to encourage them to travel and
migrate for Deen, to assist others doing the same and to teach them the virtuesof good deeds and noble  character.

A book was needed of such reports which
when read, would cause the reader to fade into the background just as rivers lose themselves in the ocean and just as even a tall man would seem tiny in front of a towering mountain.

In this way, they would begin to doubt the status of their conviction, they would regard their religious efforts to be inadequate (when compared to Sahbah Raziallahu Anhu  then would give no importance to their lives in this world. The result would be that they would develop the courage to make
greater efforts and resolutions.

Allaah Jallajalalahu willed that the credit of writing such a valuable book should go to Hadhrat Sheikh Muhammad Yusuf R.A. In addition to the credit he
received for his tremendous contribution to the effort of Da'wah.

Therefore,despite his exhaustive commitments and a schedule filled with travels, lectures
and meetings with delegations and guests - the furthest one could get from the life of a writ& - he drew great courage and resolved to involve himself in writing with the guidance and help of Allaah

As difficult as it were to combine
the life of a writer with that of a preacher, he succeeded in completing a commentary of the famous book 'Sharhu Ma'aanil Aathaar Uwritten by the eminent Imaam Tahaawi R.A. This commentary, titled Amaanil Ahbaar': was completed in several volumes.

With the assistance of Allaah JallaJalalahu, he also sompiled the book "Hayaatus Sahabah "in three large volumes, collecting in it many reports that were scattered in the various books of biography and history. The distinguished author has commenced every section with reports from the life of Rasulullaah 
Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam and then added accounts from the lives of the Sahabah Raziallahu Anhu , devoting special attention to Da'wah and spiritual reformation for the benefit of those involved in these fields. Therefore, this book offers advice to preachers, is a great provision for those engaged in the effort of Da'wah and a valuable teacher of Imaan and conviction to the Muslim public.

He has collected in these volumes such reports that cannot be found in any other book because they all have their sources in a myriad of historical and
biographical books. He has prepared an encyclopaedia that depicts the lives,behaviour and attributes of those living during the time of Rasulullaah
Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam

The painstaking details mentioned in this book gives it an inspirational effect not felt in boaks that suffice with brief accounts. As a result, the reader is always baskingin an environment of Imaan, Da'wah, courage, virtue, sincerity and asceticism.

It is generally believed that a book is a reflection of the author, that it represents the love of his life and that it will express the fervour and spirit with which it is written. If this be true, I can vouch that this book is truly inspiring, powerful and success because the author wrote it with great passion and love of the
Raziallahu Anhu .Love for the Sahabah Raziallahu Anhu had truly penetrated his very flesh and blood to the extent that it had dominated his personality and psychology.

He has lived in the mould of their lives For a long period of time and continues to do so, always drinking from the refreshing fountains of these