Parents Etiquette

1. Behave nicely with your parents; in their old age, take care of them no matter how difficult it is, do not even say "oaf' to them. A glance at your parent with affection will give you reward of an accepted Hajj.

2. Do not call them by their names but instead say: 0 my father, 0 my mother.

3. Talk politely, respectfully with them. Do not get upset with them. Whoever takes good care of his parents, Allah will increase his lifespan with His blessings.
Pray for your parents by saying: rabbir humhuma kama rabba yane sagira. (Oh Lord! Have mercy on them the way they used to be merciful to us in our infancy).

4. Always obey them if they do not go against Islam. Be helpful to them by doing housework for them. Help them raise younger siblings. Don't be too demanding beyond their capacity. Show appreciation when they do good things for you. Overlook their faults. Use kind words when you try to correct them.

5. In case one's parents are not Muslim or un-Islamic, you should still care for them, respect them, and obey them unless they order you to disobey Allah; try to encourage them to Islam kindly, gently and with the wisdom of Quran.