Maulana Saad Sb Markaz Nizamuddin Bayan English Translation on qualities of Daee and workers of deen and dawah manhaj

Rough Translation of his Urdu Talk.......

.........rather we will not be able to establish a reformative relationship with this work (Tabligh). Maulwi Ilyas(ra) sahab used to say, "This work is Wali itself) can turn people into Walis". If one does not have (absolute) certitude of success, spiritual reformation, guidance and forward progress with the work......then the work will be taken lightly and discarded........which is why my respected brothers, friends and elders......what we need most is belief in the work and full understanding so that we develop firmness and fortitude (istiqama) in this work.....if one does not believe in it...then he will take it lightly and leave it....and moreover the work will be considered as ineffective and abandoned.... because the effectiveness (ta'seer) ....the effectiveness of this work is dependent upon the sacrifices that are made for it......if the sacrifices and demands of this work remain unfulfilled...then the effects of the work will not stand forth....that's why my respected friends, elders and brothers....first of all we must ask Allah for clear knowledge & full understanding (Baseerat) that Allah gives us belief (yaqin) and knowledge.......for one's firmness in this work will depend upon his Baseerat (understanding)...and depending upon his fortitude and firmness will Allah accept him.....4 points are important for us.........I would like to say 4 things.....1)Belief and knowledge in the work(yaqin and baseera).....2)unity(ijtimaaiyat) regarding the work.....3) Perfection and comprehensiveness (Jaami’iyyat) in carrying out the work…4) Sifat-e-qubuliyyat….qualities which make one acceptable to Allah….making oneself acceptable to Allah(for the work of Da’wa) with one’s good qualities. So the first thing is this …remember that the Anbiya (asws) used to call with full understanding & knowledge (Baseerat) …..whatever trials, whatever obstacles were placed by their people…(such as) refusal to accept their da’wa….whatever came in their way was unable to stop them….they used to complete their work…because they were absolutely convinced that their success lay in what they were doing. So my respected friends, elders and brothers, the secret of remaining firm in this work (Da’wa) is that we do this for our own selves, that we understand what Da’wa is, what are the effects of Da’wa, why it is given and for whom it is given. Look! Da’wa is actually for the Daa’ii himself. In the quest for correcting (islah) others, let us never forget ourselves. Let it not happen that we seek to correct others and become careless of our own (spiritual needs)…for remember that Da’wa is for the Daa’ii himself. Hadrat (rah) used to say, “Do this work for (the correction of) your own self. He who does it for himself (considering himself muhtaj) will become Saleh (pious). And Allah Rabb al ‘Izzat, will use him for the correction of the Ummah”. That is why inviting to good and stopping from evil is actually for our selves. We used to do this work in the beginning for our own selves, later on we were moved as per the needs of the people. This way of thinking (that we were doing something for others) made us forget ourselves (i.e. the older members), it made us forget that our talking and our working and all our efforts were all for our own selves (in actuality). The second thing…is that we believe with our hearts that this work is enough for our self reformation and self correction….Allah forbid if we do not hold this belief in our hearts then our relationship to this work will no longer remain corrective…(to be continued)
[Emphasis and material in brackets is mine to make certain points clear].! with thanks