Maulana Saad Bayan in urdu in Hyderabad Ijtema and Maulana Yusuf R.A. Bayan

This is Bayan of Maulana Yusuf Sb Rahimullah. Maulana Saad Bayan is after this.
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Maulana Saad Sb Bayan
These are selected portion only...............


……balke is kaam ke sath hamara islahi ta'lluq nahin qaayam hoga. Maulwi Ilyas saheb farmate they "ye kaam wali gar hai..khud wali banane wala kaam hai." Agar is kaam se kaamyabi ka, tazkiye ka, hidayat ka, taraqqi ka yaqin nahin hai to is kaam ko halka samajh kar chod diya liye mere muhtaram doston, azizon, buzurgon sab se zyada zururat is kaam par yaqin aur basirat ki hai taaki hame is kaam par istiqamat ho..agar kaam se yaqin na huwa to kaam to halka samajh kar chod diya jayega..aur be asar samjh kar choda liye ke iski taa'seer... is kaam ki ta'seer is kaam ki qurbaniyon ke pura hone mein hai..agar is kaam ki qurbaniyan aur is kaam ke mutaalibe pure nahin is kaam ka asar zahir nahin liye mere muhtaram doston ,buzurgon aur azizon...hamein sab se pehle Allah se is kaam par baseerat mangni Allah hamein is kaam par yaqin aur basirat ata farmawe, kyun ke basirat ke baqadr istiqamat hogi aur istiqamat ki baqadr Allah ki taraf se qubuliyat char batein hamare liye zururi hain..mujhe char batein arz karni hain, kam par baseerat, apas ki ijtimayyiat, aur jaa'miiyyat ke hum mein jamiyat ka mizaj ho, aur chauthi cheez sifat-e-qubuliyat ke Allah ke yahan apne aap ko sifaat se qubul char cheezen kaam karne walon me honi chahiye...kam par baseerat, kam karne walon mein ijtimiayit, inke mizaj mein jaa'miyyat aur pehli chiz ye liye ke ambiya (asws) apne kaam mein basirat par hote jo haalaat, rukawatein, qaum ki taraf se eraaz, nabiyon ki dawat ka qubul na hona, ye tamam cheezen jo pesh aati hain, ye in cheezon mein, in rukawaton ke bawajud apna kaam pura karte hain is liye ke unhein yaqin hota hai apne kam se apni kamyabi liye mere muhtaram doston buzurgon, is kaam par istiqamat ka raaz ye hai ke hum is kaam ko apni zaat ke liye karein, dawat ko samajh kar chalein, ke dawat ki kya ta'seer hai aur dawat kyun di jati hai aur ye dawat kiske liye hai.....dekho dawat daa’ii ki apni zaat ke liye hai..hamare andar kabhi doosron ki islah ka jazba apni zaat ko na bhula dusron ki islah ka jazba..hamein apni zat ki taraf se befikar asal mein dawat dai'i ki apni zaat ke liye hai....repeated......hazrat farmate they ke is kaam ko apni zat ke liye apni zaat ke liye karega wo saleh saleh banega Allah(ri) us se ummat ki islah ka kaam le liye bhalai ka hukm karna, burai se rokna ye asal apni zaat k liye kaam mein hum ibtida mein apni zat ke liye karte they..jab karna aa gaya to phir hamein is kaam mein doosron ke taqaazon ne khayal ne hamein apni zaat ko bhula hamari naql-o-harkat...hamari to hamari apni zaat ke liye hai...dusri hai hamare dilon mein is ka yaqin ho ke ye kaam tarbiyat aur tazkiye ke liye kafi hai...agar khuda na kere ye yaqin na paida hua andar to phir hamara ta'alluq is kaam se islahi nahin rahega..

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From Faisal Award winner sheikh Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi book
"Everyone knows that Prophet was descended in Arab who was ignorant and unmannered to the deepest level. All were illiterate.The Quran mentioned the arab nation as The illiterate
هُوَ الَّذِي بَعَثَ فِي الأُمِّيِّينَ رَسُولاً مِنْهُم
He is the One who raised amidst the unlettered people a messenger, Not only they were illiterate but were deep filled in the worst kind of social economic disarray. وَإِنْ كَانُوا مِنْ قَبْلُ لَفِي ضَلاَلٍ مُبِينٍ وَكُنْتُمْ عَلَى شَفَا حُفْرَةٍ مِنْ النَّارِ While they were earlier in open error. You were at the brink of a pit of Fire
Prophet Approach for education and Nurturing
The first thing infused by prophet was to make them eager, keen and passionate for Deen and the knowledge of deen.All sahaba were keen to learn the required Ilm for guidance.And those who has learned something considered it obligatory to teach others the same.
Mutaharrak Amli Darsgah (Prophet established Practical and Kinetic seats of learning) Right from Beginning Prophet made a system with the foundation principles as Knowledge with Practice (Ilm ke saath Amal)
Practice based on Knowledge (Amaal ke saath Ilm)
Learning with teaching (Taleem with TAALLUM)
The whole Islamic society was a practical kinetic (Mobile) seat of learning (Madarsa) in which everyone was seeker for himself (Taalib) and teacher for others.The lessons of this School were not used to be reinforced alone rather by interdependence i.e. trying to memorize others and in conveying deen to others This teaching used to get imprinted on heart rather than only tongue.
To be precise lets understand that lessons of swimming not to take on dry classes rather in in the river of life. It is very clear from Quran Hadith that following is a parts and parcel of a Muslim life.
1. To learn deen and to practice it in life.
2. To Teach deen (Islamic Knowledge and Practice) to others
3. Encouraging for good and advising to stop from bad
4. Striving for Spread and Propagation of deen.These all should be parts of a Muslim life.
In the era of prophet and early generation of Muslim people of all walk of life i.e Farmers businessman rich or poor used to spare some time for learning and teaching deen.
Temporary Migration Motivation and Striving for deen
7. The migration and motivation, movement and striving for deen has to be revived. It is the fundamental structure of Islamic knowledge and service of prphet era, that is to be replicated and revived.
8. Muslims should be encouraged to migrate temporarily (leave engagements for a short period). In this short period they should be provided with a practical religious environment following Sunnah and Shariat. This environment will make them familiar with a religious life to adopt.
9. This basic skeleton of this environment will be built by accompanying fellows and further cemented by their effort to motivate other people of the area where they have gone and stationed.
Migration and Motivation will be three way Process
a. Between each member of the group through a bidirectional process. (In group some will be more knowlagable and some less they will learn knowledge and qualities from each other Wa Tawanu Alal birre wattaqwa.
b. It will also motivate the people of the area where they have gone to learn deen and service of deen.By this way it will become a chain and will bring revolution in Whole ummat.
On the above points each section of the Muslim Ummah is called to temporary leave their busy engagements for a short period of time and to utilize time for teaching and learning in a religious environment.”
For this co-operation of all Muslims are solicited in effort of Tablighi Jamaat