Mfti Ibrahim Desai of on Halal Shariah compliant investment and business

Special concern about Halal Business Transaction

Imam Muhammad ibn Hasan Al-Shaybani (rah) was asked why had had not compile a book on Zuhd (ascetism/piety). The Imam (rah) replied that he had: Kitaab ul Buyoo (The Book of Business Transactions) meaning that if a person were to make his business dealings Shariah Compliant, that would be an enormous act of Zuhd.

This is even more relevant in our society where halal earnings have been given a very low priority. In the spirit of reviving concern for halal earnings and making Muslims aware that our earnings have a great effect on our Spirituality and Faith,

Mufti Ibraheem Desai Hifzullah is very concerned about shariah Compliant Economic System in the world. 
He has hosted numerous workshops on making businesses Shariah Compliant. These workshops are held annually in South Africa, and were held this past Ramadan in the US.

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Profile of Mufti Ebrahim Desai (Daamat Barakatuhum)

 As well as being a Hafiz of the Quran, Mufti Ebrahim Desai (db) has studied sacred Islamic knowledge in Dabhel, India for nine years comprising of the following sciences:

Arabic Language
Persian Language
Urdu Language
Usool-e-Fiqh (principles of jurisprudence),
Hanafi Jurisprudence,
Usool-e-Hadith (The principles of Prophetic traditions),
Hadith (Prophetic traditions)
 Usool-e-Tafseer (The principles of Qur’an exegesis)
Tafseer (Qur’anic exegesis)
 Having completed the  Islamic theology course he then studied the principles of issuing edicts (Fatwas) for two years in Dabhel under Mufti Ahmad Khanpuri Saheb, a renowned and leading Scholar in India, and another year under the grand Mufti of India, Mufti Mahmoodul Hasan Saheb (RA) (compiler of Fataawa Mahmudiyyah).
 He was a Senior Lecturer at Darul Uloom Ta’leemuddin, Isipingo Beach for 10 years and also headed the Fatwa Department of the Jamiat ul Ulama (KZN). He was also a senior lecturer of hadith in Madrasah In’aamiyya, Camperdown from 2000 to 2010. He founded and headed the Darul Iftaa in Camperdown.  He has founded Darul Iftaa Mahmudiyyah (Centre of Islamic Legislation) and trains students in the sciences of issuing edicts fatawa
Mufti Ebrahim Desai is presently a senior lecturer in hadith (Prophetic traditions) in Darul Uloom Nu’maniyyah. He teaches Bukhari Sharif, along with other subjects.
  • Official advisor of IFANCA (Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America)
  • Executive member of KZN Jamiatul Ulama (The Council Of Muslim Theologians)
  • Secretary of Jamiatul Mufteen (The Council of Muftis) – This is an organisation comprising of the senior Muftis of South Africa from 12 Darul Iftaa’s.
  • Head of the Fatwa Department of KZN Jamiatul Ulama (The Council Of Muslim Theologians)
  • Head of the Judicial Committee of KZN Jamiatul Ulama (The Council Of Muslim Theologians)
  •  Official Arbitrator of commercial and marital mediations/arbitrations.
  • Guest of the world renowned website which serves over 123 countries in the world.  The site hosts approximately over 20,000 rulings.
1)     Al Mahmood volume 1
2)     Al Mahmood volume 2
3)     Introduction to Hadith
4)     Madkhal al-Buyoo’ (Introduction to Islamic Commerce)
5)     Contemporary Fatawa (legal verdicts)(latest publication)
6)      Various articles
Mufti sahib has travelled the four corners of the world in dawah trips and conducting seminars on Islamic Finance.  He has visited the US over 20 times, likewise Canada.  He has toured China, Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and many other countries conducting seminars on Islamic Finance.

Authorisation in the spiritual sciences:
Mufti Ebrahim Desai (damat barakatuhum) has the honour of being the khalifah of his Shaykh Mufti Mahmood-ul-Hasan Gangohi (rahmatullah alahyi), the late grand mufti of India & the most senior khalifa of Hazrat Shaykh Maulana Zakariya Kandhalwi (rahmatullah alahi). As part of his training in Tasawwuf, Mufti Sahib (db) spent time in the Khanqah of Dabhel where he used to lead Qiyaam-ul-Layl during the last ten nights of Ramadan.
 May Allah preserve the Ulma e Haq and give us taufeeq to get benfitted.