Moulana Sayeed Ahmed Khan makki,work in Arab countries

Moulana Sayeed Ahmed Khan makki (rah): The zimmedar of Tabligh work in Arab countries.

...................... A simple man, great scholars say if we would not have seen him we would never understand the meaning of ikhlaq(respect to others).

We have seen him, he never talked quoting a person.

He would take other mistakes on him, where as today everyone tries to throw own mistakes on others.

He used to stay in arab but never used anything of Arab

(Principle of Tabligh: Never accept anything from others, Allah(swt) is there to give reward, all his clothes, turban, shoe even comb he used came from India. He followed this principle so strictly.

Many great arabs used to come to him, they loved him so much.

I have seen many arab jamaths, listen to their speeches they always remember him.. May Allah bless him and his family. 

He was so sincere in Tabligh that once his small daughter died in the night (may allah be pleased with her). Next day morning he had to go in jamath, by fajar he did all tatfeen and went in jamath.

Can u imagine how hard it will be for a father to leave home in this condition. (as said by abed khan sahab)

My dear friends the hardship faced by these elders is the result that Allah (swt) blessed us. today islam is spreading all over the world.