Sheikh Jibraan: Ibne Taimiyya of present age

Sheik Jibraan : Arab Scholar

His tittle was Ibn Taimiyya of this age.

He heard so much against Tabligh that he thought to study about them.

But there was no literature about Tabligh.

So he decided to go in jamath for 10 days.

When alims of arab heard this they came to meet him and said that an alim like you should not go with these illiterate people.

Some great alims also stopped him from going.

When sheik saw this opposition now he decided firmly that I should go and study the work.

Later he went for 10 days and Allah(swt) blessed him with understanding.

When he came back and started doing work of Tabligh.

Some people kept false cases on him, and he was sent to prison.

When the judge announced his imprisonment he started to laugh. The judge asked him why do u laugh?.

He said I am laughing on my fate, Allah wants to begin my work of Tabligh from prison.

He was announced for 10 years imprisonment.

When he went to prison first he called all ulemas who were in prison (since many ulema who stood firm on islam and did not co-operate with government were sent to prison).

He presented work of Tabligh with all proofs and its necessity today. They all agreed with him.

They also started doing Tabligh in prison. In one year all the prisoners were following true islam with all prayers five times a day, fasting, crying in tahajuth namaz.

After some days sheik was called for trials. When ever he used to go to court all the prisoners would go to prayer, zikr, dua and they used to pray that sheik should not be released from prison. When he used to come back they used to shout Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar. This is the love Allah (swt) keeps in the hearts of others for those people who strive in the path of Allah.

Later after 5 years the then prince came and appologised sheik for keeping him in prison for false cases and took him away from prison


as said by moulana Tariq jamil