Muslim downfall and Revival cry by maulana Ilyas and his wife concrn

Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi R.A. writes

about Maulana Ilyas 

He used to sob and cry on the departure of the ummah from its deen.

Sometimes he used to writhe in pain, sigh, sob, and complain, "O Allah! What else should I do? I am not doing enough."

Sometimes he used to turn agonizingly on his bed, then get up and pace the room.

One night his wife at last asked him, "What is the matter?

Can you not sleep?" he answered,

"What can I tell you? If you get to know what I do then the waking ones will become two."

The result of this heart ache and dedication to his aim was that in just a few years, the ache that had bothered one breast caught fire in hundreds.

Allah u akbar, He only needs our concerns and effort.Allah will give immedeate results insh allah.