Dawah and Tablighi effort and Result in Mewati Population

The Mewatis who had become half Mushrik

despite being called Muslims, who celebrated many of the Mushrikeen festivals, whose villages rarely had a mosque in them, who even used to kill their newborns; suddenly, little beacons of light sprung up in the same Mewati dwellings. 

Mosques were built, religious schools and madaris mushroomed, the number of huffaz exceeded hundreds, and there was a good number of qualified `ulama.

The birth of the love of Imaan extinguished the following of kufr.

The customs and traditions that had come to be a way of life for them began to be eradicated.

An experienced Mewati explained this in a very clear manner when he was asked what was happening in his area; he said,

"I don't know anything else, what I do know is some things for which we used to strive and they did not happen, are happening on their own; some things which we tried to stop with battles and great endeavour and did not stop, are being stopped on their own."