Prof Sanaullah Khan starter of Dawah work in France

Once A professor went to france after a long time after returning back to India.

As soon as he landed in the airport it was prayer time, he went to mosque for prayer and was amazed to see a huge rush in the mosque.

He asked a man there why is there so much rush is there any meeting ? . The man answered no daily our mosque will be filled like this for every prayer.

And he started explaining we were ignorant of islam, but a man by name sanaullah (Professor Dr. Sanaullah Khan) came from India for his studies here and he was moved by seeing our lives. He started preaching islam here and today alhamdulillah almost all of us pray five times a day.

When professor heard this he started crying.

The man asked him why are you crying.

Another colleague of professor said that he himself is professor sanaullah.

When the French man heard this he too started crying and grasped professor and starting shouting “our guide to islam is here, our guide to islam is here ” .

Taken with JAZAKALLAH O KHAIR for brothers who narrated and typed it from