First Jamaat in London (England) Hafiz Patel Sb and karnal Amiruddin sb

When first jamath came to London.

There were hardly any mosques. The jamath was living in tents besides roads where as the temperature was so cold.Even snow was falling heavily. u can imagine people in tents with snow falling.But they stayed there and met muslims and taught them about Islam.
(colonel amir uddin was present in this jamath)

I heard Hafiz patel saheb of UK gave good support to jamaths but I did not see him.

When the first jamath was there at the same time the President of India Dr Zakir Hussain was also present there. 

When he came to know about jamath he too gave some time to jamath and was present in first umoomi gusht (going to people for preaching islam).
He too was a active tabligh man.

I heard colonel amiruddin say : " when we went to london we use to sleep beside roads shivering in the path of Allah and now you people cant go even if there are heaters in mosque "

May Allah bless all of the muslims to strive in the path of Allah