Sheikh Mohammad Al Arifi view on Tablighi Jamaat

3. Sheikh Mohammad Al Arifi.

While opining  on Tablighi Jammah he praised them and advised them to further improve by adding something in their programme.

Below is the translation of his Arabic speech.which was in response to a question (Translation is also taken from the link)

"Our brother asked about Tablighi Jamaah

Actually tablighi jamaat is an association that activate to ask people to worshiping Allah Soubhanahou wa taala and to guide people, they travel around the world in many countries, they have nerve and cheek to call people, to guide them, sometime even in the disco and talk to people, guide them and give them advise even in debauchery and immoral places. People would sometimes listen to them and change their behavior, Sometime they visit people in their own homes and speak to them. And guide them.They have a good activity so no problem to join them, 

(He advises)
1.Its better for the one who join them and its better for the Tablighi Jamaat themselves to seek good knowledge of Aqeeda (Islamic Faith) and Islamic Laws.
2. Good knowledge To make sure to explain the good Islamic practices for those who make bidah (practice that is not in accordance with the Islamic teachings) ,for example those who make Tawaf (circumambulation) around tombs and build mosques on them, or people that ask other people to worship other God except Allah Subhanahu wa taala, or those who's aqeedah (Islamic knowledge) in incorrect,

Tablighi Jamaa should give these people good advise, also tablighi jamaah should make sure they speak in accordance to the Isalmic laws and so on and 

Inshallah Tablighi jamaah is on the right path..... "