Tabighi Jamaat Maulana Ilyas and Nadwa tul ulema Lucknow relation

  One day Ali Mian said to maulana Ilyas that although the Nadwah

had always extended an effectionate hand towards the people of deen, they had seldom had a positive response;

thank God that he, Maulana Ilyas, had been loving towards them.

Tears ran down Maulana's face and he said,

"What are you saying? Your Jama'at is that of deen; I am not in favour of leaving out even the people from Aligarh."

Besides Ali Mian, Hazrat Maulana Manzoor Ahmad Naumani rahimihullah was also among Maulana's close associates. Hazrat Maulana Abdul Qadir Raipoori was also a frequent visitor.

Not even a blind person can deny the fruit born by the whole world seems in a stir by its blessing, millions of people have been reformed by joining it; but despite all this, there is a need for guidance from the `ulama at each step.

God forbid, if a rift is created between the Jama'at and the `ulama.