Three Main causes of People leaving Fold of Islam:Ignorance,Poverty and Free time

There are three causes why people renegade and leave the fold
of Islam:
1) Poverty (Ghurbat) - This is a leading cause.
2) Free time.
3) Ignorance (Jahaalat).

If we will ignore the poor class on the assumption that they are poor, then, the false and deviate forces (batil) will draw them away from Deen using wealth.

If we leave out the ignorant, on the assumption that they are ignorant, then, because of their ignorance, false and corrupted ideas (batil) will cause them to abandon Deen.

If we leave out that group which has free time (But occupied with
evil practices) and is unoccupied,on the assumption that they are free, then again, evil practices, etc. (batil) will occupy their free time drifting them away from Deen. So we cannot leave out any class whatsoever.