Dawah among Non Muslims:Idea of Maulana Ilyas Kandhalwi of Tablighi Jamaat for Effective Dawah

Regarding Dawah among Non Believers
Maulana Ilyas was in principle very serious about the important work of Muslim of calling nonbelievers towards Allah and the way of Salvation.

When Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar was going to London for GolMez Conference Maulana Ilyas wrote him a letter drawing his attention to give the massage of Allah to british officials including the british prime ministr churchil.That mean he was very much aware of the importance of this aspect.

But he was of the view that qualities are needed in muslims ummah to convey the massage of Islam to all mankind in a effective way. To put the house of muslim in order was of priority importance for him. 
And it has prove from Quran and Hadith that taking care of muslims is an important aspect of deen.
In Verse ABASA WATAWALLAH………….it has been stressed in the chaptor that those who are already in the fold should also get importance while about others it is not certain that they will come into the fold. 

Maulana Ilyas view was of Taking care of whole world
As Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam was last prophet and this ummat has responsibility for whole world. So the system of Tabligh has been designed to cater all these. To start from oneself to whole world. Muhammad sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam simultaneously did effort on all front    
eg Even if his family member and people of makkah not accepted he went to Taif, even whole Arab not accepted he reached to Roman and Persian empire and did not waited to be accepted by all people of his area to start work in other areas. So in tabligh work a system was made to cater from onself, to family, to muhallah,to nearby town,to country,to whole world.    
 E.g  FOR INDIVIDUAL :In faradi Amaal, tasbeeh,tilawat e quran Taleem ,gusht and effort in the pth of allah for person himself, FOR FAMILY: Daily Taleem and Muzakra with quran Halqa, . FOR MUHALLA: Daily Taleem in mosque, Daily meeting with brothers, Daily Mashura, Weekly Gusht, FOR NEIGHBORING LOCALITY:Second Gusht,and 3 day in a month,FOR COUNTRY:40 days FOR WORLD RESPONSIBILITY:4 Months. Women will also go in the path of Allah obviously under the ambit of Shariah Ruling and with many restriction always with her Husband/Sharai Mahram.

It is necessary to adopt qualities for effective Dawah
It is also necessary,that one should adorn oneself with the qualities of a true Believer. He should apply the commands of Deen upon himself.
This includes being punctual upon Salaah with Jama'ah(congregation). One should refrain from all sins and transgression. One should refrain from disobedience, adultery, drinking, stealing, transacting in interest, lying, backbiting, deceiving, not paying people their dues - even if they be non-Muslims.
He should deal with compassion and kindness. Likewise he should fulfil his promises. These are the qualities of a Believer. When one will adorn oneself with these qualities, he will be loved by the people. Hence this will attract them to Islam and they will eventually accept it.
Many of the countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, etc. were not conquered by Mujahideen. Islam spread in the these countries by means of traders who were steadfast on Deen. Hence the people loved them and enquired from them about their religion. Thus they entered into the fold of Islam.
Therefore it is necessary for the Daa'ie to adopt these qualities. We thank Allah Ta'ala that he granted the Tabligh Jama'ah the tawfeeq to adopt this noble method. They approach people with love and kindness. Hence we find that, due to their efforts, great benefit has been achieved throughout the world. We pray Allah Ta'ala to grant them the ability to continue with this good work and may He make all their actions solely for Himself. May they remain steadfast on this noble Da'wah in which there is great benefit for Islam and the Believers. Insha Allah.