Dawah and Tabligh from Oneself to Family to own locality to country and to whole world

Da'wah from ONESELF to your FAMILY to Your Masjid to the Whole World

1. Oneself 
Foremost Dawah is for oneself. One should address himself that your success of this world and Hereafter is only in Obeying the commands of Allah and Path of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.

2. Family/Close Relative.
Allah has Given direct Command for Onself and Family.
Qu Anfusikum wa Ahleekum..................

BUT ALL THE Stages WILL GO SIMULTANEOUSLY.................Prophet Went to Taif Even His own Family and Tribe didnot accepted it.

From Your Mosque to Whole World  

3. Since Da'wah work is to be done by the ummat of Rasul throughout the world to reach every single person on the earth; it must build up from your local masjid to your city, which is composed of many masjids. 

Your city will coordinate with your halka, which is composed of several cities. The halka will coordinate with the zone, which is composed of several halkas. Each zone will coordinate with the country, which is composed of several zones. Each country will coordinate with every country of the world. 

This is how Rasul and his companions made efforts from the Masjid-e-Nabawi (Prophet's masjid) and the efforts spreaded throughout the whole world. 

The goal is to create each masjid's activities and environment the same as that of the Prophet's masjid. 

Jamats are traveling continuously from masjid to masjid, city-to-city, halka to halka, zone-to-zone, and  country-to-eountry throughout the whole world. 

The mission of each jamat is to establish Amaals of Masajid (discussed later) at each masjid it visits and prepare jamats to do the same. 
Our beloved Prophet is the last messenger. Hence it is our responsibility to devote his/her time, energy, and talents for the propagation of massage of our creator Sustainer and Destroyer.