Dua of a Daee filled with love compassion for mankind,for success in life and hereafter (Maulana Yusuf R.A. Dua)

O’ Allah! Forgive our sins. Ya’ Allah! Forgive our faux-pas. O’ Allah! We are blame-worthy, we are transgressors, we are guilty, our entire life passed in obedience of our desires. O’ Holy Lord! Putting this dunya in front of us, we have been affected by it and have been inhaled by it’s Yaqeen and have become seeker of it and we wasted all our abilities in it. O’ Lord! Forgive this heinous transgression of backsliding our effort, the heinous transgression through which hundreds of mischiefs have born in us and hundreds of riches inside of us have been robbed. O’ Lord! The changing of this effort, this is our heinous transgression, forgive the whole Ummat this heinous transgression, leaving the effort which Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) put us on when he went – we engaged in the efforts he took us away from when he went. O’ Lord! To change this effort has been our biggest crime, forgive it with specificness and the transgressions resulting from leaving this effort, forgive every single transgression through Your mercy and forgive every single sin, forgive every single misdeed.

O’ Allah! Our sins in the line of income and our sins in the line of spending and our sins in the line of social matters. O’ Allah! In all lines we are drowned in oceans of sins. O’ Allah! There’s no way to get out for us, how can the drowned get out by himself, the one not drowned he can get one out. O’ Lord! We are all drowned and You alone are the one able to get us out.O’ Allah! Get us out of the rivers of sins, get us out through Your favour, get us out through Your mercy. O’ Merciful! Get us out of the rivers of the disobedient ones through Your mercy. O’ Allah! Throw Your mercy’s rope and put us on the streets of obedience.

O’ Allah! Bring us to the peaks of the mountains of sacrifices. O’ Allah! Accept us for the effort of Deen, accept us all for the effort of Deen, for the effort of Ilm, for the effort of Iman, for the effort of ‘Ibaadah, for the effort of Zikr, for the effort of Akhlaq, for the effort of Hajj, for the effort of fasts, for the effort of Zakat; bestow upon us the complete complete Tauwfiq and effort of bringing all these obligations and worships back on the ways of Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam)‘s time. O’ Allah! O’ Allah! Remove as well the misdeeds in all of our life’s aspects, remove the misdeeds of income and make alive the righteous deeds of income in our homely lives, finish the social misdeeds. O’ Allah! Make alive just and fair actions in our social matter.

O’ Allah! Decorate us with good deeds and get us out of bad deeds. O’ Holy Lord! In what kind of times through this Tabligh you have created a way of the Kalimah and prayers’ effort, and the Tauwfiq you gave all our friends to gather, speak, listen and go on your path. O’ Allah! When You bestowed Your favour and created the speaking and listening of this work’s direction and the movement of this work.

O’ Merciful! Through Your mercy accept everyone and bring up everyone in such a way that You will like this movement, through Your mercy You make this bringing-up and the bringing-up of this movement. You alone are the Guardian! You alone are the one bringing-up, You alone are the one purifying and You alone are the one cleaning. O’ Allah! Accept this movement. O’ Allah! Accept this movement. O’ Allah! Accept this movement. [With extreme emotions:] O’ Lord! Grant them sincerity.

O’ Allah! Grant them sincerity. O’ Allah! Grant all of us sincerity. O’ Allah! Grant all of us Yaqeen on Your power, grant all of us Yaqeen, grant all of us Yaqeenon on Your promises. O’ Allah! Correct our beliefs and create the passion of this effort inside of us. O’ Allah! The sacrifices from which the human created out of this dirty drop of semen becomes your friend and the sacrifices from which he becomes your beloved. O’ Lord! Create the love for these sacrifices in our hearts. O’ Allah! Trough which mercifulness You have brought up this work, now bring it to its completeness. Those who are engaged in this work, take the desire for the dunya out of their hearts, take the desire for land and wealth out of their hearts, create desirelessness in their hearts in regards of imprints of the dunya, bestow the reality of death upon them, grant them the wealth of content. O’ Allah! Grant them patience and sincerity and the strength for struggles.

O’ Lord! The struggles from which a human from inside emblazes by Your radiance. And the magnificent struggles… O’ Allah! from which the doors of improvement open and the human arrives at the peaks of Akhlaq. O’ Allah! Grant us all the wealth of these struggles. O’ Allah! The same way You brought up this work, make this work the reason for guidance reaching the entire world, make this work hundred percent the reason. O’ Allah! Make it the means for all humans, all countries and all Muslims to get guidance and accept them to carry this effort into all times, nations and countries.

And O’ Allah! Make guidance common, bestow a share of this guidance upon us and our companions, our relatives and those engaging in this work, their affiliates and their relatives and those who are in relation and love with them, the guidance which you give to Mujahideen and the guidance which you give to Da’is and the guidance which you granted Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) and his companions and the guidance and sacrifices you granted the previous Prophets (Alayhimu Salato Wasallam) and saints (Rahimullahu Ta’ala). O’ Allah! Grant us all a abounding share of this guidance. O’ Allah! Fill these empty hands through Your mercy and fill these empty hearts through Your mercy. From Your amour and Your love make the decision of guidance for us. O’ Allah! For the whole Ummat-e-Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam). O’ Allah! O’ Allah! Save them from the hands that pull them astray and assign them to the hands that pull them to guidance.

O’ Lord! Save this Ummat-e-Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) from the hands of jews, christians, mushrikeen and atheists and make them stand on the fundamentals of Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam). O’ Allah! Make their Yaqeens right, grant them guidance, grant them the strength of Iman, grant them the admittance to Ilm-e-Nabwi, put the wealth of Islam in their breasts, and grant them Your remembrance in their hearts and through giving them desirelessness for the dunya grant them guidance of learning Ilm-e-Deen and spending life according to it, grant guidance to common people, grant guidance to the inhabitants of this country.

O’ Allah! This country’s leaders and leaded, here’s intellectuals and mass… O’ Allah! grant them the guidance to these paths. O’ Allah! By the ravine and the serpents, how many humans exist and those that you did not give humanity to. O’ Lord! Destroy such selectively, burst open their lands for them, break down their houses over such, despoil your gifts from such, grant them such lecturious punishments that the world sees how the Lord changes the situations of to those damaging Your mankind. O’ Lord! Destroy the oppressors and corrupters selectively, grant guidance to those through who’s guidance nations and countries will be entered by guidance and those… O’ Allah! through who’s destruction going astray and mischief of nations and countries will end. O’ Allah! Destroy those selectively. O’ Lord! Put an end to the atmosphere of plundering and slaying, put an end to the atmosphere of oppression and distress, establish the atmosphere of justice and fairness, establish the atmosphere of Ilm and Zikr, establish the atmosphere of Khedmat-e-Khalq, establish the atmosphere of assistance and humanity and love.

O’ Allah! Accept our Du’as through Your favour and mercy, pay the debts of our debtors, fulfill the needs of our needy, grant health to our sick people, grant healment to the eyes of those whose eyes are sick. O’ Allah! Those who are sick in the stomach, heal their stomach. And all those people in this gathering who requested Du’as from us or requested Du’as from us in the past till today or will request Du’as from us in the future. O’ Allah! Fulfill all their needs and put an end to their worries.

O’ Allah! Make this gathering for humans and for all the Muslims an intesive re-birth of good and blessings, a re-birth of straight guidance, a re-birth of loveliness and dignity and a re-birth of welfare and success through Your loveliness and mercy. Accept our Du’as through Your favour and mercy, accept those going out through Your mercy. Ameen.

(Swan Yusufi: 377-387)

[Urdu Original in "Majmu'a Wazaif" by Hadhrat Mufti Nizamuddin Shamsai (Rahimullah)