Maulana Ilyas aur unki deeni Dawat by Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi download Biography of Maulana Ilyas kandhalwi of Tabligh

Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam

in his 23 years of Dawah Life formulated a pattern of dawah work 

in which muslim (Sahaba Karam) of different capabilities and Walk of life  took part in the dawah work.
Sahaba were of different capabilities with respaect to Wordly life like some were very poor like Khabbab R.A. and Khubaib R.A. and Some very rich like Hazrat Usman and Abdu rahman bin Auf R.A. According to deen also some were very  knowlagable like Hazrat umar,Hazarat Ali and Hazrat Abdullah binMasood R.A and there were simple Shaba Also. But all of them took part in the work of Dawah .

Maulana Ilyas was not a big writer/Orator. But he caught hold this principle of Dawah from the life of Prophet and Shaba.

This was one of the reason for his success that he tried his best to simulate the pattern of Prophet Dawah

His Biography is very useful for all daee as his principle was to follow the practical aspect of life of Prophet that is still most effective way of Dawah in this 15 th century.

He devoted his entire life for the cause of Dawah and Tabligh.Even if Someone not agreed fully with Tablighi Jammat but he can find many Quranic Principles and its practical application from his biography,If he looks into it Positively.

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