The aim is Tauheed,complete Shariah and Sunnah, Effort and Amaal of Tablighi Jamaat is not Goal, Rather mean to reach and attain complete deen having Islam Emaan and Ihsan

The effort revived by Maulana Ilyas  is NOT named as TABLIGH. Maulana did not give this effort any name.
 He says that if i would give it a name it would be Tehreek e Eman - Movement/Improvement of Eman.

Even Today we can always hear our elders echoing this point. The problem which is componding the issues is that some people have taken this effort as the GOAL (read maqsad). We hear some people saying that make this effort the GOAL (maqsad) of your life. This is statement is not correct.

Every effort in this world either deeni or dunyawi has a GOAL (maqsad). The effort is never considered as the GOAL (maqsad). Even the effort of the Prophets were not their GOAL (maqsad). Their effort was for a purpose/GOAL. And that GOAL (maqsad) is deen.

If one reads the makatib of Maulana Saeed Ahmed Khan Makki  

he mentions in on letter that Maulana Ilyas  would say that i fear two things from the workers

1. That they would turn their attention from Allah to asbaab
2. That they would not be doing the effort though they may believe that they are doing the effort. The effort is of SIX SIFAAT.

When we joined the effort in our youth, we did not understand why the OLD workers (PURANE SAATHI's) are gathered seperately. When we spend 4 months in the path of Allah and when we had the opportunity to join these gatherings then only we realised what issues were tackled.

 One incident of Maulana Qasim Qureshi [DB] in OLD WORKERS JOD
he always gives this example: Wudu is the key for Salah, without wudu (or the required purity) salaah is not valid. Now one person he says wudu is the key for salaah and wudu carries such and such reward, if he spends the whole day doing wudu and not performing salaah, he is sinning (major). Similarly, This effort is the way for DEEN, but if we are doing this effort and not gaining DEEN, then we can find the WARNINGS in Quran and Hadith for such people.

The ills of taking this effort as GOAL (maqsad). If we start taking this effort as GOAL (maqsad), then all those people who are not join be they masahikh, ulema or any other Muslim. We will constantly start to complain, O such and such is not doing the effort. We then start to overlook their good traits and constantly complain about their lack of participation.

 Maulana Ilyas  has derived such usools that shows his deep understanding of Quran and Sunnah. In GASHT (jawlah) he as taught us this usool - If you find a Muslim who has 99 traits of a disbeliever/fasiq overlook them and look at his single good trait that is IMAN. This Usool is not of Gasht only this is the Usool for our whole life.

Maulana Yusuf  would say We are into Tabligh and Dawah but how much Tabligh and Dawah is into us

On the other hand, if we take this effort as a means for a GOAL (maqsad) that is DEEN, then all this complaining will vanish. People will start valuing Ulema and Mashaikh and all those working in different field of Deen and Dawat.

Argumentation over these issues should be avoided at all costs. Look at the incident of Laytul Qadr where two people were fighting and this had such an effect on Nabi  that he was made to forget the occurence of Laytul Qadr.
(Article  originally written by a brother on Sunniforum, by nick name  the writer is not known to us but we thank him and pray for him.Reward and return InshaAllah in Akhirah)