Letter of Condolence and Taziat on the death of two brothers in America by Maulana Saeed Ahmad Khan Makki to Professor Dr. Sanullah Khan sb and Prof. Dr.Khalid siddiqui Sb of Aligarh Muslim University

In Jamaat of Nadir Ali Khan Sb to America two sathi 1. Dr. Shah Alam  2.Nasim Khurjawi got Martyrdom in accident,(May Allah give them Jannatul firdaus). Nadir Sb who himself got severe Spinal injury but Allah gave unbelievable health, The letter outlines the necessity of sacrifices for the Hidayat of Mankind,to save them from fire of the Hell,Sacrifices are source of Hidayat,it is a thumb rule from the life of Prophet S.A.W.S.and Sahaba Karam R.A.